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Future-proofing skills

David Cruickshank, global chairman of Big Four audit and professional services firm Deloitte, tells why his organisation is "one giant training ground", a microcosm of the millennials-driven future.

"We're going to see more demand for extended audits over the next few years as investors look for more assurance on the softer measures of the performance of a company, like their environmental outcomes, outcomes with regard to their people and so on. There's an increasing awareness of the wider agenda that companies operate in. So we are going to see audit extend its remit." - David Cruickshank.

DELOITTE global chairman David Cruickshank has no qualms admitting that the organisation he runs is seen as a training ground for young professionals. Far from it - it is something he is proud of. After all, educating and training people for the workforce of the future is, he feels, one of the...

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