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Rewriting the rules

Without innovation, a company can't survive for more than a decade, says Workday's Mike Stankey. For the enterprise software firm, moving to the cloud has as well opened up a new modus operandi for the industry.

"We sometimes look jealously at the world-class chefs and masseuses in some of the high-profile consumer companies in Silicon Valley. We don't offer that to our employees. Instead, what we offer is a workplace where we respect each other's contributions and we have a sense of humour about ourselves and what we do." - MIKE STANKEY.

SOME might think it audacious. But Mike Stankey, vice-chairman at Workday, is one businessman who's convinced that his company has it in it to create a new business model for its industry - that of enterprise software.

Now, software is the single most important lubricant that ensures the...

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