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While 4 wheels are good, 2 wheels are better at Mobike. But Joe Xia, co-founder and CTO of the bike-sharing firm, is also thinking beyond bicycles in his vision of providing full-fledged transportation services.

"A sharing economy involves three parties: the government, the company, and the users because we share a lot of things in cities. We share the bicycles, the facilities, the space. But how we're going to work together in the future to improve the experience in the city - that's something we need to explore." - Joe Xia Yiping.

PITEOUS pictures of wrecked two-wheelers may grab the public's attention, but Mobike co-founder and chief technology officer Joe Xia Yiping, 36, is unfazed by how startups in the so-called "sharing economy" might rub people the wrong way at the outset.

"I think it's okay for some of the...

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