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When head and heart unite

From fortified rice to Project Clean Cow, the nutritional products arm of Dutch MNC Royal DSM proves a company can tackle the world's biggest health and sustainability issues, and do well, says DSM Nutritional Products' president and CEO Christoph Goppelsroeder.

"I am hugely interested in innovation, and when that can be connected with doing something good, it's extremely rewarding. And the older you get, the more rewarding things tend to play a big role in your life. It's not only about career or being first, it's more about what you leave behind, what you can do to make the world a better place." - Christoph Goppelsroeder.

MAKING a business out of environmental protection and humanitarian aid sounds counter-intuitive. Aren't such causes costly, resource-intensive endeavours, while business is all about efficiency and returns on investment? Not so, says the head of DSM Nutritional Products (DNP), a business group...

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