Tuesday, Jan 28, 2020


Feb 19, 2020 07:59 AM

Hong Kong apartment rents sink to lowest in almost 2 years

[HONG KONG] Apartment rents in Hong Kong have dropped to the lowest in almost two years as people leave the city and...

Feb 19, 2020 07:02 AM

WHO urges calm as China virus death toll nears 1,900

[BEIJING] The death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak rose again on Tuesday but Chinese and international...

Feb 19, 2020 06:59 AM

Britain unveils points-based immigration plan

[LONDON] Britain on Wednesday unveils a new points-based immigration system that ends the free movement of people...

Feb 19, 2020 06:53 AM

Trump commutes corrupt former politician's sentence

[WASHINGTON] President Donald Trump on Tuesday commuted the sentence of a former Illinois governor jailed for...

Feb 19, 2020 06:51 AM

SpaceX announces partnership to send four tourists into deep orbit

[WASHINGTON] SpaceX announced a new partnership Monday to send four tourists deeper into orbit than any private...

Feb 19, 2020 06:48 AM

Travel restrictions on China fuelling 'panic:' ambassador

[BRUSSELS] Travel restrictions imposed on China over its virus outbreak are only fuelling "panic" and threatening...