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Valued possessions and valuing health, in BT Weekend


THINKING of starting a collection in watches, art, cars or furniture? Find out more and get a peep into the prized possessions of four enthusiasts in the BT Weekend magazine this Saturday. Get advice from respected art economist Clare McAndrew, whose reports on the global art market are fervently followed by auction houses and collectors alike.

Also, find out why tea is so hot now, with more brands coming onstream to threaten the monopoly enjoyed by coffee lovers. And check out which watchmakers are looking to their past to create new timepieces.

Worried about what the future holds? With medical bills getting bigger, having health insurance is crucial. Find out all about Integrated Shield Plans, how the different plans stack up, and why your premiums are on the rise, in this weekend's Brunch, in the main paper.

Disrupted checks out the Taobao Maker Festival in Hangzhou, and experiences China's biggest "influencers". Looking for a top-end amplifier that's relatively affordable? Music To My Ears says Esoteric's latest F-07 will surely please.

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