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Changi Airports Int'l to cooperate with Airports Authority of India on civil aviation

CHANGI Airports International (CAI) has been nominated by Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) to cooperate with Airports Authority of India (AAI) on civil aviation.

SCE, on behalf of the Singapore government, and AAI, on behalf of the Indian government, had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Nov 24 last year during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Singapore. Under the MOU, both Singapore and India will promote and broaden bilateral cooperation in civil aviation.

The nomination of CAI marks a first step for CAI to explore cooperation with AAI, starting with the management of airports in Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

Areas of interest outlined in the MOU include master-planning and design, traffic development, commercial development, service quality improvement, training and development, cargo handling and management, and operation and management.

"The details of the cooperation are to be discussed and agreed between CAI and AAI following the nomination," said SCE in a release.