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New London underground markings anger seasoned commuters

[LONDON] Seasoned London commuters are complaining of being robbed of their "expertise" after new green platform markings appeared in a busy tube station showing the best position to quickly enter carriages.

"Twenty years of personal tube platform expertise and competitive commuting advantage rendered useless by some green paint," Daniel Ayers wrote on Twitter.

Transport for London, the public transport authority in the British capital, has laid down green markings on some platforms in King's Cross in the hope it will cut congestion during rush hour.

King's Cross is one of the busiest stations. The markings indicate where exactly the carriage doors will open, a secret that was until now only known by seasoned commuters.

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"How annoying I had it down to a tee," one of them grumbled on Twitter.

Reassuringly for them, the system is only being trialled on the Victoria Line platforms in King's Cross.

Transport for London has made no mention of expanding the system.