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Renault not forced to repay low-emissions tax breaks for now: media

[PARIS] France is not considering claiming back tax breaks for low-emissions vehicles from carmaker Renault after test showed that emissions from some of its cars exceeded limits, Energy Minister Segolene Royal has told newspaper Le Parisien.

"This is not under consideration for the moment. For that, we will have to study by how much exactly the limits were exceeded," Mr Royal was quoted on Friday as saying.

She added that emissions from some 80 models from 11 car makers including Renault still had to be tested, which will take until summer. "Without waiting for the test results, Renault should act now to make sure its engines respect emissions limits," Mr Royal said.

Renault shares fell as much as 22 per cent on Thursday after the company said fraud investigators had inspected three of its sites to look into its vehicle emissions technology.

Renault said investigations to date had found "no evidence of a defeat device equipping Renault vehicles", in a reference to a type of software program which Volkswagen was found to have used by US investigators to cheat emissions tests.