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Ahdiyat Nur Hartata’s work at Spot Art looks at the place of women in Indonesia.

"It also gives them a safe environment to explore and interact with the next generation of innovators and leaders in the fine arts industry."

Most of the artists here are students or recent graduates, with little exposure to the art world. Spot Art searches for them through its network of contacts in 25 Asian institutions that offer art courses.

Some of the region's best curators, including the Philippines' Patrick D Flores, Singapore's Milenko Prvacki and Iola Lenzi, and Indonesia's Aminudin TH Siregar, then go through hundreds of submission to shortlist the best.

Comparing the developed art scene in the USA to less developed ones in parts of Asia, Mr Gunn says: "Given the diversity and unpredictability of local economies in the region, it is difficult for any one market to nurture and sustain an arts ecosystem without maintaining regional or global interest.

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"Within this very competitive and market-driven atmosphere, Singapore has positioned itself to become the thought leader in South-east Asia, giving precedence to education, dialogue and cultural diplomacy... Spot Art is aligned with this effort."