THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: In your view, how much of a concern is the decline in births for Singapore? To what extent should the country turn to immigration policy in response to the trend?

What measures, if any, are needed as Singapore seeks to tackle the economic slowdown?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How might businesses build brand loyalty and keep customers in today's marketplace?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How do you see the impact of digital banks in Singapore? What potential risks should we watch for?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How may the private sector do its part to reduce plastic/other pollution in the oceans? What incentives or other measures could help in combating the problem?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What benefits and perks are truly valued by your employees? Are these measures effective in achieving their aims, namely attracting and retaining staff, and improving motivation...

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How do you, as a business leader, cope with or, better yet, prevent burnout at work?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: As a business leader, how do you "get the organisation's culture right" - and ensure the values preached are practised on the ground?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Should Singapore introduce fair tenancy legislation?

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: How is your organisation girding itself for any fallout from the ongoing US-China dispute?