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12 months of travel to off-the-radar idylls


TRAVEL is easy, but getting away from it all - and other tourists - is getting harder to do. It used to be that taking the road less travelled meant just that; now, it's more likely to be a highway well-used by many tour buses before you. If you're looking for off-the-radar places to go, check out Friday's issue of BT Weekend magazine, where we offer enough suggestions for every month of the year.

From Eastern Hokkaido to see the endangered red-crowned crane on Lake Akan; the salt plains of Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia; Ethiopia's Bale Mountains; to Helsinki in Finland - there's bound to be someplace you haven't been to, and many others haven't either. Yet.

Meanwhile, we speak to Christina Teo, a Singaporean tech and telco veteran who's embarked on a new initiative called She1K. The "1K" stands for the 1,000 C-level corporate women who will make up what Ms Teo claims to be the world's first corporate angel network for high-ranking women. She shares with us her plan to level the playing field between men and women in the world of startups and angel investing.

Getting into the mood for The Year of the Pig? Check out our special guide to the best places for reunion dinners and takeaway feasts. We also stumble across two fresh new restaurant concepts; visit Lucy Liu's first exhibition in Singapore; find out how Out of the Maze fares as the sequel to the bestselling Who Moved My Cheese? and sneak a peek into a stunning new home that's built like a modern-day kampung house.

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