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A look into property purchases by foreigners


MUCH ado has been made about foreigners buying up Singapore private residential property, and the market cooling measures have had a definite impact on behaviour. Yet Singapore has long been a market open to foreign investors, not least in real estate.

We take a deep dive into the data in Brunch on this Saturday's The Business Times Weekend, and delve into the changing waves of foreign buying in private property here - from who are buying to where they are doing this buying.

Nationality proved to be no barrier for Frenchman Christophe Weber. The CEO of Japanese pharmaceutical giant Takeda talks about how he helped take the 238-year-old company global in The Raffles Conversation.

With US stocks tearing away while Asian bourses languish under a multitude of issues, it is hard to imagine Asian equities outpacing their US counterparts anytime soon. But linear projections based on recent trends won't get us very far - which is why, our Value Insight columnist writes, it is always illuminating to take a longer-term perspective.

Market voices on:

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In Sass & The City, we unpick what "OK Boomer" signifies, and why we need to (all) calm down about the moral panic over millennials. Kids these days!

What does the Bicentennial do for Brand Singapore? Writer Koh Buck Song explains, in The Broad View.

With honour at stake, The Steering Column accepts a challenge to drive to Genting Highlands and back in an Audi A4, using as little petrol as possible. Much low-speed boredom ensues, but some things are learnt about the latest fuel-saving technologies and how to make the best use of them. Talk about fuel-ish pride.

And in our Health page, how diabetes can affect your eyes.

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