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Dealing with data in a Smart Nation


AS Singapore moves rapidly towards the goal of a Smart Nation where we, or rather our data sets, are plugged in, always connected and organised by artificial intelligence, it's time to stop and ask: Is our data safe, and are we safe from our data?

Cybersecurity is the first priority. But also crucial are the ethics surrounding the use of the vast amounts of data being collected every day. We speak to those leading Singapore's advances in AI, for Brunch in The Business Times Weekend this Saturday.

In The Raffles Conversation, Mike Stankey, Workday global vice-chairman shares his modus operandi for taking over the highly lucrative world of business software.

When markets plunge, should you run for the exit? History shows that this is far from wise. Selling out after a drop means investors will miss the best days in the market when it subsequently rebounds. Our Value Insight column explains.

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Also in the Investing & Wealth section, The Fool's Eye View tracks a basket of property companies to see why developers make decent dividend investments, in spite of lumpy profits, challenging markets and exposure to external and policy risk.

Can an honest mistake - such as a misguided Facebook post - end up being an ethical or professional conduct violation? CFA Singapore Insights spells out the issues.

In today's instant gratification world, it's easy to close an eye to when things are not done right. However, business ethics means making a conscious decision to take the decent path. Question Time With Mentor John deals with difficult situations.

Disrupted, meanwhile, turns to Calm, a meditation aid and Apple's 2017 App of the Year, to get a better night's sleep.

In the Finish Line, we chat with Women's Tennis Association vice-president Melissa Pine, ahead of the WTA Finals tournament in Singapore later this month.

And in The Steering Column, we track test McLaren's 600 LT at the Hungaroring F1 racing circuit, to see if it lives up to its maker's claim that it's the ultimate entry-level supercar.