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Flying the digital route, in BT Weekend


AIRLINES are surrounded by data, from information on their aircraft and routes to flight bookings to how their passengers behave and act on a flight. Mining - and monetising - all this information will be the key to revenue boosters, at a time when many are winging it on the wafer-thin margins of their business. Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend looks at what carriers can do and why they need to move quickly - and carefully - to maximise what is right there in front of them.

In The Raffles Conversation, David Cruickshank, global chairman of Deloitte, tells why educating and training people for the workforce of the future is one of the most pressing issues that the world faces today.

In our Investing & Wealth section, chartist Daryl Guppy sets out how a trade war would play out in China markets and in terms of the US dollar. CFA Singapore Insights explains why, and how, investors must filter out the noise and focus on what's important - whether a company is well­managed, managed fairly, and managed for the long term.

And in The Broad View, an argument for the preservation of iconic Singapore buildings such as Pearl Bank, in the face of imminent destruction post-collective sale.

Market voices on:

The next time someone calls you an oddball at work, consider it a badge of honour. Dr Seuss had it right when he exclaimed: "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Companies are fast realising that these people - the misfits, deviants, even troublemakers - are exactly who they need in times of fast change. Cubicle Files puts them in the spotlight.

Offbeat, meanwhile, traces the lengths a man will go to in search of Singapore food.

Finally, The Finish Line looks ahead at two big football derby matches coming up this Saturday - Everton vs Liverpool, and Manchester City vs Manchester United.

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