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For better or worse, in the wedding business


THIN margins, finicky customers who want everything to be perfect, in a crowded market. The wedding industry is being shaken up, and in a world where picky but price-sensitive couples want more for less, wedding studios are facing the squeeze. This Saturday in The Business Times Weekend, Brunch looks past the pretty pictures in the business of weddings.

"Big Oil firm" and "sustainable company" don't usually go together. But at Finnish national oil company Neste, clean fuel is the key both to the future of its business and the planet. CEO Peter Vanacker tells why in The Raffles Conversation.

Throughout much of stock market history, taking the value approach in investing has been more rewarding than going for growth. But in the last decade, a different picture has emerged. Growth has been outpacing value, especially in the big cap sphere. Our Value Insight columnist asks, has today's economy changed fundamentally?

Fintech at its core is an amalgamation of finance and technology. But which comes first, the fin or the tech? CFA Singapore Insights explores what this means both for students preparing for a future in finance, and for financial institutions.

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The role of management today goes beyond leading the company to profitability. Business mentor John Bittleston sets out the new priorities for corporate leaders, and why management should be unleashed.

There's a pinata, colour-coded cake, maybe an explosion or two. Welcome to the world of gender reveal parties, where the pregnant unveil the sex of their unborn child with much drama and often, disaster. Our Offbeat columnist is shaking her head.

And in The Finish Line, our columnist shares his experience at the Spartan Race, one of the toughest obstacle courses in the world.

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