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Frankenscience or fearless medicine?


MODERN medicine is taking huge strides as 3D printing technology advances. With bioprinters now able to create living tissue from cells, are shades of Frankenstein emerging? As those in the medical field have found, the path from orthopaedic implants to recreated organs is a long and difficult one. We speak to 3D biomedical printers in Singapore, in Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend.

Our Raffles Conversation is with Wendy Clark, the first woman in a global CEO role at an Omnicom creative network. As new global CEO and president of DDB Worldwide, she not only brings her A-game to the table, but also wants to bring caring back to the workplace.

Is it time to short the US market and go long on China? In our Investing & Wealth section, Daryl Guppy discusses the signals that suggest when it's time for agressive action to protect and build portfolios in the Chart View column. CFA Singapore Insights meanwhile delves into what that word "fintech" means, really.

Disrupted takes a road trip to Las Vegas and finds, amid the glitz and glitter of Sin City, a tech haven as well.

Cashflow is the lifeblood that sustains any business, so keeping an eye on it is paramount. Question Time With Mentor John offers tips on how to improve your cashflow management.

And in The Steering Column, our writer finds that Toyota's hybrid Prius+ replaces an old mainstay, but it could be a stepping stone to greener pastures for those who need to shuttle the family around.

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