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Going beyond the CBD, in BT Weekend


SINGAPORE'S Central Business District, with its profile of shiny office buildings, could soon see some profound changes that will alter its look and feel. Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend tracks the changing identity of the CBD, and where the "decentralisation" of office space has taken us.

Data, which is at the heart of digital transformation for businesses, can play the role of "invisible empowerment" of a firm. Orange Business Services CEO Helmut Reisinger shares why, in The Raffles Conversation.

Despite the recent run-up in equity markets, there remain pockets of undervalued opportunities that have the potential to deliver strong returns for investors this year. Our Fund Watch column hones in on China's Internet sector, its Big Four banks, and the US semiconductor industry.

The business of food production today is a complicated one, fraught with the hazards of changing palates, food fads, and safety concerns, and issues of pricing and waste. In its monthly sector analysis, CFA Singapore Insights takes a close look at food producers.

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The synergistic relationship between supplier and customer is too often underestimated, if, indeed, it is recognised at all. Business mentor John Bittleston sets out why these relationships matter, in Management Unleashed. And in The Steering Column, we discover how BMW aims to bring its extravagant, exhilarating and expensive luxury two-door, the M850i xDrive, back to the cream of the coupe crop.

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