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Going under the hammer


THE number of Singapore properties being put up for auction hit a high in the first half of this year, pointing to record numbers of bank foreclosures in the residential and retail sectors. Property consultants dissect the data for an insight into the real estate market, in Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend.

Online travel booking giant Expedia, which originated out of a small Microsoft division, now lays claim to the whole gamut of travel services assets. In The Raffles Conversation, CEO Mark Okerstrom tells why he and the company are not standing still.

Conflicts of interest come thick and fast in the investment management profession. While best practice is to avoid such conflicts altogether, the identifying and management of conflict is the tricky thing, as CFA Singapore Insights shows.

Financial advice often manifests in oft-quoted truisms. There are six in particular that you should be wary of. Find out in the Investing and Wealth section.

Out of the bubble tea cauldron comes yet another take on the beverage fad - bubble tea cocktails. Barfly tastes some tipsy teas crafted with artisanal spirits.

After Leicester City walloped Southampton 9-0 in the English Premier League last week, The Finish Line looks at four other memorable football matches that ended with one team hammering the other by a huge margin.

BMW built the new 1 Series back to front from last time, and flipping the recipe on its cheapest car has taken away its uniqueness. But The Steering Column discovers that it has also made it better.