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How to dress the crazy rich part


THE movie Crazy Rich Asians has been both praised and criticised for its depiction of Singapore, but there's no denying they got one thing perfectly right - the way rich people dress. Whether you're old money or nouveau riche, those in the know can pick you out with just one glance. In Friday's issue of Weekend magazine, we take a cue out of the old money style book and find out what goes into the wardrobes of people who don't go to parties and shop only when no one is looking, so no jaws will drop at their inconspicuous consumption.

And if you need style ideas of your own, check out the Fall/Winter Fashion Report 2018, and indulge in the dramatic and decadent looks of the season.

To make sure your valuable ensembles are kept away from thieving hands, we speak to Toby Koh, managing director of the Ademco Security Group, a major player in the security business whose mission is to keep people and places safe.

If you're feeling peckish, don't call for a McDonald's delivery. Have a posh burger instead as we point you to some of the newest joints in town to serve hand chopped beef in a bun. And for a bit of culture, head over to the National Gallery, where revered artist and prolific writer Wu Guangzhong's writings are on its walls this month.

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