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Journey to captivating Colombia this Weekend


FORGET Pablo Escobar and what you've watched on Narcos. It's still not all quiet on the criminal front, but Colombia is brimming with natural beauty and culture, with the likes of the Andes, colourful festivals, well-preserved colonial towns, pristine national parks and Amazonian forests offering a biodiversity that's second to none - not to mention the most welcoming people you're likely to meet anywhere.

In Friday's edition of Weekend magazine, we take you through captivating Colombia - travelling through the capital city of Bogota for a meeting with its native son, the famous artist Fernando Botero, and the nature lover's paradise of Cocora Valley in the Andes mountains. Traipse through Escobar's home town of Medellin, which has gone from being the murder capital of the world to becoming "South America's Silicon Valley"; it is even also one of the most liveable cities in the country. And for a taste of how the Spanish colonialists lived, check out the beautifully preserved 16th century city of Cartagena.

Back in Singapore, we meet Singapore's representative at the 2019 Venice Biennale, artist Song-Ming Ang, who talks about his eclectic body of art that centres on sound and music.

Also, if you used to haunt Cuppage Plaza for your fix of authentic Japanese food cooked by food nazi-like Japanese chefs, an alternative is brewing in the equally run-down surroundings of Fortune Centre. A handful of Japanese restaurants, including Singaporean female sushi chef Aeron Choo's Kappou, are hoping to replicate a similar environment with their regional specialties.

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We also take a close-up look at the Singapore building contenders at this year's World Architecture Festival, as well as the work of artist Liang Shaoji at an excellent exhibition focusing on natural materials.

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