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Live long and prosper, but don't get sick


IT'S clear that a longer working life builds income stability in our later years. And with Singapore's life expectancy now standing at the highest in the world at 87.8 years, we might conclude that we're made for life.

But there's a sobering statistic that will weigh on moves to extend our working lives. While we are less likely to be headed towards an early death, we are more likely to be burdened with chronic disease as we age. And this directly feeds into higher medical costs. We discuss the issues in Brunch this Saturday, in The Business Times Weekend.

Our Raffles Conversation this week is with Jennifer Johnson, president and chief operating officer of Franklin Resources. The gender quality advocate, at the helm of the holding company of investment management giant Franklin Templeton, shares her thoughts on the industry's challenges.

Should you get into gold now? Fund Watch points to gold equity funds, which may be a good portfolio diversifier, with exposure best kept within the supplementary portion of a portfolio.

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CFA Singapore Insights examines a specific form of insider trading: front-running, which involves trading for one's own personal account before trading for client accounts. The Fool's Eye View says a spoonful of medicine - investing in healthcare companies - could be just what the doctor ordered for your portfolio. In Management Unleashed, a look at how to resolve the sustainability-versus-profits conflict, and keep motivations aligned in your business.

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