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Of fat cats, top dogs and CEOs


WHEN it comes to chief executive officers, popular opinion has it that they are, as a group, unequivocably overpaid. Recent revelations over Hyflux chief Olivia Lum's salary have dragged the issue under the spotlight again. Yet a chief executive's pay is a complex package, structured differently from the rest of the company, nor is it uniformly racked up across different businesses.

Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend examines how the CEO pay package has changed over the years, the link between company performance and executive pay in Singapore, and some myths about CEO compensation that should be debunked.

The notoriously media-shy Desmond Lim, chairman of F&B juggernaut Les Amis, gives a rare interview in The Raffles Conversation tomorrow, ahead of the supergroup's 25th anniversary.

In CFA Singapore Insights, former US Fed chief Paul Volcker takes questions on conflicts, ethics and the US banking industry. The Fool's Eye View, meanwhile, zeroes in on defence stocks, a sector governed by rules that go beyond economics.

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The terms and conditions of employment may not be something you or your colleagues or staff are familiar with. But how the fine print is set out, what tone it takes, and whether it is made transparent speaks volumes to the corporate culture of a business. In Management Unleashed, executive mentor John Bittleston explains why.

Once a hipster, always a non-comformist? The beard and plaid uniform will give it away. Sass & The City asks what it takes to be a true original.

Audi's big business sedan has always faced an uphill fight against its rivals from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Will the new Audi A6 change the market trend? The Steering Column gets behind the wheel.

And in our Health page, a look at sleep-related conditions, snoring and sleep apnea.

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