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Power play in the electricity market


SINGAPORE'S power liberalisation has ignited serious competition and brought significant savings to consumers' energy bills. Yet the majority of households, faced with a glut of choices, have yet to flip the switch to a new provider.

Meanwhile, power retailers who have jumped into the ring are finding it tough to stay in the game - already several players have bowed out - and further consolidation is surely in the pipeline. Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend takes a look at the state of Singapore's open electricity market. From fortified rice to Project Clean Cow, the nutritional products arm of Dutch MNC Royal DSM proves a company can tackle the world's biggest health and sustainability issues, and do well, its president and CEO Christoph Goppelsroeder tells The Raffles Conversation.

While the market for ESG-related jobs and roles in investment firms has ballooned, teams or staff focused on environmental, social, and governance analysis still often operate separately from the investment desk. CFA Singapore Insights explains why proper integration is crucial.

In Management Unleashed, business mentor John Bittleston sets out why we must overhaul our idea of education as we know it.

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This week's Offbeat column explores the bizarre experience of realising your iPhone knows you're expecting.

And in The Finish Line, we talk to Japanese wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura, one of the very few Asian names to have reached "main event" status at the WWE.

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