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Put your best foot forward


IF you thought only women love shoes, you haven't met Yohei Fukuda. The top international shoemaker has a waitlist of male clients that runs into the hundreds, with most of them prepared to wait two to three years before they get the finished product. AND get back on the waitlist again for their subsequent pairs.

Even at prices upwards of US$4,000 a pair, Mr Fukuda and bespoke shoemakers like him are in high demand by successful men who look at the perfect pair of shoes as a status symbol in the same vein as watches and cars. In Friday's issue of Weekend magazine, we feature three top cordwainers who help their clients put their best feet forward. You may well believe what they say when no man is too rich to buy cheap shoes.

Meanwhile, if you've fully embraced the concept of co-working, you'll want to read what Miguel McKelvey has to say. He is the co-founder of WeWork, the global company which rents spaces to startups and multinationals in 100 cities and 27 countries around the world, including 10 spaces in Singapore.

If Chinese food seems old and predictable to you, check out three new restaurants that are putting a modern spin on classics. Dine on the likes of braised duck with a Mediterranean twist or even an adventurous pig's tail and crocodile penis soup at 51 SOHO, Shang Social and The Dragon Chamber.

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Also, if you're into clutter-free living, take a peek into a Bukit Timah semi-D that would make Marie Kondo proud. For men looking for a new wardrobe to go with their bespoke shoes, look out for Spring's new suits. Dance fans, check out what M1's Contemporary Dance Festival has to offer for its 10th anniversary.

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