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Still safe as houses?


IT'S safe to say that for many Singaporeans, investing in property has been the tried-and-tested way to build and preserve, if not enhance, wealth. With all that has happened in the market in recent months, what lies ahead for property investing as a strategy? We chart the returns from physical residential property in Singapore over the years compared to other assets, and take in the outlook for investors. In Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend.

In The Raffles Conversation, Radisson Hospitality chief John Kidd tells how hoteliers must raise their game to capture customers in a changing world.

Sharp drops and shallow rallies have opened up opportunities in Asian equities. Our Fund Watch column in the Investing and Wealth section points to the Asia-focused funds that are best placed to take advantage of these opportunities. As sustainability gains headway as an investment mandate, CFA Singapore Insights spells out what investors - and companies - need to know in the reporting and compliance processes.

In the workplace, there's a fine line between entitlement and standing up for yourself. If you want to get ahead, going above and beyond is the only way to go. But that could leave you open to possible manipulation, especially if you are less vocal about establishing boundaries. Cubicle Files flags some warning signs that you might be getting used at work.

Market voices on:

Planning your year-end holiday? Cult Status rounds up the best in anti-theft travel bags. And Saturday Soapbox scrutinises the motives of hotels - and travellers - in going green.

Gearhead reviews Bose's noise-masking sleep buds to see if they live up to their promise of giving you better rest.

And in The Finish Line, our columnist bemoans the frustrating delay by local broadcasters to strike a deal with the rights holder for the UEFA Champions League.

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