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The bumpy road to electric cars


IT'S been 20 years since the Toyota Prius first appeared in the mainstream, when the petrol-electric hybrid was touted as the first significant commercial move towards a clean, green future of electric vehicles (EVs).

Yet, in 2018, a myriad of issues - from production problems to consumer-unfriendly prices to basic infrastructural needs - continue to crop up as speedbumps on the road to EVs. Why have we - in Singapore and elsewhere - been so slow to warm to electric cars, and what should be done to move ahead? Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend looks at what's happening on the ground.

From climate change to global inequality, businesses must become part of the solution - not the problem - to today's big challenges, says Achim Steiner, head of the United Nations Development Programme. He shares his ideas in The Raffles Conversation.

Bigger is better, right? Size matters, as some investment advisers might tell you. But whenever a stock has become the biggest company in the world, it is by definition over-owned, over-analysed and over-valued, setting itself up for future underperformance. (Apple shareholders, beware). This Time Is Different sets out the reasons in our Investing & Wealth section.

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