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The capital balancing act


CAPITAL versus labour, businesses versus employees, the push and pull of classic capitalism. How does Singapore fare in this debate, and how well does it reward both sides? Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend looks at how Singapore's tax policies and incentives stack up.

In the Raffles Conversation, tech veteran Neelam Dhawan shares her plans - and her excitement - for the next stage of her career.

What to make of the upward spikes in the Shanghai Index and the Kospi's movements? Chart View in our Investing & Wealth section looks at the index trends. Meanwhile, CFA Singapore Insights examines the obligations an investment adviser has to clients who are accredited investors.

Are you thinking of joining a non-profit board? Two seasoned directors give their tips on how to go about it and how to really make a difference, in The Broad View.

Market voices on:

The boss from hell isn't just sitcom material; it's a reality in many workplaces where staff are, in fact, being bullied. Cubicle Files details what leads to abuse at work, how affected staff can break the cycle, and why employees and bosses do not actually need to like each other for a meaningful working relationship to take place.

On a lighter note, a hefty hongbao has become a fact of life for anyone attending a wedding. Why should we feel obliged to give "the going rate"? We take a walk down The Winding Road, our new column on life lessons, starting this weekend.

Offbeat tells the tale of a sham scam - a shady-looking bank letter that turned out to be legit.

And on our Health page, a cardiologist explains how obesity and diabetes are linked to heart disease.

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