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The challenge of upward mobility


ONWARDS and upwards. We assume, as we have historically seen, that each generation will be better off - more successful and richer - than the one before. But with rapid asset inflation and a fundamentally changed (and still changing) economy, young people of today face an increasingly uphill battle in upward mobility. Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend explores the issues and paths that have brought us here.

Entrepreneur First co-founders Matthew Clifford and Alice Bentinck have so far helped more than 1,200 individuals create over 200 companies worth some US$1.5 billion. They share how they turn talent into impact, in The Raffles Conversation.

The future is unknowable. How then should investors navigate the markets, and more generally, how should we navigate our lives? Value Insight takes a crack at it. CFA Singapore Insights explains the key markers that investors need to look at when buying semiconductor stocks.

Big Data is a potential goldmine for businesses. It could also be a prison. Management Unleashed shares how to avoid being imprisoned by your data and how to make more of the data bank you now possess.

Sass And The City asks, in a time when we are bombarded by bullets of knowledge, are the days of specialists behind us?

In The Finish Line, read our exclusive interview with Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino, ahead of the English team's big match against Italian champions Juventus at the Singapore Sports Hub on Sunday.

And in the Health page this weekend, a look at what's known as male menopause - the signs of andropause and how it might be treated.

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