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Weekend at the Oscars


THE Oscars is just around the corner and we've got you covered in this Friday's issue of Weekend Magazine. We dive into the Best Picture nominees like The Shape of Water, The Post and more, explore the maturing of coming-of-age movies, and pay tribute to Best Actor nominee Daniel Day-Lewis, who wraps up his career with yet another outstanding performance in Phantom Thread.

A group of foodies also tell us why they are reviving old school treats with their own artisanal touch, and we speak to the billionaire couple who is putting Bangladesh on the global art stage with the biennial Dhaka Art Summit. If piling on the calories from all that Lunar New Year feasting is making you guilty, take our series of quick tests to make sure you're still in the pink of health.

Also on Friday in The Business Times, our Motoring section kicks off with an interview with Jasmmine Wong, Borneo Motor's new managing director. We also look at how car companies are banking on loyalty programmes to keep customers coming back, and review the Audi A7 and Hyundai i30.

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