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When companies get into dire straits


THE way back to black for financially struggling listed companies is more often than not a long and arduous one. Companies land on the Singapore Exchange's watch-list more quickly than they can exit, and many firms undergoing judicial management remain in the process years after they had begun. A significant number, after trying for two years or more, still ended up in liquidation.

Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend explores why it is so complicated to lend troubled firms a helping hand, and why efforts can still end up futile.

Singaporean Ronald Ong, Morgan Stanley's chairman and chief executive for South-east Asia, has some unfinished business before he hands over the reins. He shares his plans in The Raffles Conversation.

Play by fair rules. Much of the conflict we are seeing in the world today would not have happened if all participants abide by those four words. Our Value Insight columnist looks at the field.

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With climate change and sustainability at the forefront of our social and business minds, it's a good time to take a closer look at the two industries most directly involved - waste management and recovery/recycling. CFA Singapore Insights offers an analysis of what investors keen on the environmental services sector should zero in on.

In Management Unleashed, business mentor John Bittleston explains how the retail revolution has profound impact on all, and not least, manufacturers.

Simple stories and humble homilies in children's books belie incisive truths that only a grown-up would understand. Sass & The City gets a reality check.

The Range Rover Sport HST has a silky new engine with half a dozen cylinders. The Steering Column finds out whether it gives the car a dose of six appeal.

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