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When the doctor is online


MEDICINE is moving rapidly towards new frontiers, with doctor apps where you can consult a physician - and get medication - online via video. While such telemedicine platforms have much potential to deliver healthcare more efficiently to those most in need, such as the elderly, a minefield of hazards lies ahead.

Brunch this Saturday in The Business Times Weekend explores the landscape for telemedicine startups, from the limitations that medical practitioners themselves see in the platforms, to the liability and ethical issues they face.

In banking, meanwhile, the digital route beckons, with virtual banks moving in. Chan Ka-keung, chairman of WeLab Digital and former Hong Kong Secretary for Financial Services and Treasury, shares how he steered Hong Kong's financial sector in The Raffles Conversation.

This Time Is Different examines the most overlooked aspect of an investment portfolio - liquidity, comparing a standard equities-and-bonds portfolio to one with illiquid investments such as real estate and private equity.

CFA Singapore Insights looks at the performance of "gender lens" funds: investing in companies with higher women-in-leadership metrics.

While being able to influence is an important attribute for leaders, it is not a trait exclusive to top dogs or top performers. At work, people with influence can be in all kinds of roles, and some can be hard to spot. Cubicle Files looks at how we can identify these "hidden influencers", what makes them special, and what can firms do to leverage on these people.

In The Finish Line, our columnist reviews the recent WWE live wrestling event at the Singapore Sports Hub.

With the new Mercedes B-Class, the "B" no longer stands for "boxy". The Steering Column clambers aboard to see if its slinky new shape detracts from its mission of being a container on wheels.

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