RETIREMENT planning used to go like this.

WE expect volatility to remain elevated in 2017, challenging the current conundrum: investors are paying higher-risk protection costs despite the presence of lower actualised real market costs.

WANT a secure, lighter and a more convenient wallet that facilitates faster transactions at no cost? Fancy esoteric micro-investment opportunities?

OUR carefully curated reading list centers around China, geopolitics and disruption - three powerful forces that could reshape the world as we know it for generations to come.


YET another year is about to pass, and hopefully your portfolio has grown with it, or at least your accumulated stash of investing wisdom.

THIS year, as Denmark's Saxo Bank said, is already one where reality is stranger than the most outrageous calls. In a yearly tradition, it nevertheless tries to come up with 10 far-out things...

MANY investors are not sure whether they need a financial adviser. New changes in law such as the fiduciary standard in the United States and technology such as robo-advisers have added layers of...

RETAIL rents in Singapore have demonstrated a remarkable period of stability post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC), with average rents in both prime (Orchard) and suburban locations holding steady for...