Mrs May's June surprise

Yet again, quite a lot to choose from: More sabre-rattling between Washington and Pyongyang as US Vice-President Mike Pence visits Tokyo and Seoul and delivers a stern message to the North Korean regime after it mounts an ostentatious display of its missile capabilities at a military parade last...

Ireland well placed to attract financial services post-Brexit: finance minister

IRELAND is well positioned to attract a range of financial services after Britain's exit from the European Union (EU), according to Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan...

Redesigning travel

IN 2016, more than 80 million people stayed at properties listed on the accommodation sharing platform Airbnb, which has over 3 million listings in about 65,000 cities spanning 191 countries and counting.

Changing the game for SME and startup financing

The own-goals of the Trump administration continue to provide grist for the journalistic mill. The latest snafus include the sudden resignation this week of President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the withdrawal of Mr Trump's nominee for Labor Secretary, the...

Five keywords for the future economy

THE Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) has produced a wide-ranging blueprint to guide the Singapore economy on the next phase of its journey in the brave new world of innovation and disruption. Its report sets out seven core objectives for Singapore: deepen and diversify its international...

CFE hits most of the right notes

LOOK at the age we live in. A computer can beat the world champion at chess, backgammon and Go. Cars can drive themselves. Humanoid robots can successfully counsel autistic children. Data analytics can predict the risk of diseases in entire populations. Having a job can mean performing tasks for...

A nice new-year present, but headwinds ahoy

AS we embark on 2017, the Singapore economy has just delivered a nice little new year present.

Trump sets the stage for US-China tensions

1 What do you think was the most remarkable thing that happened this week?

The post-truth world of unpredictable politics

LOOKING back at the punditry that preceded the US election, one of the few forecasters who distinguished himself was Geda, a mystical monkey who hangs out at the Shiyan Lake Ecological Tourism Park in China's Hunan province...

Mr Cool

NOT long after the US subprime crisis first hit the headlines in 2007, the venerable Swiss bank UBS found itself in a near-death situation. It had racked up losses which were eventually to total about 50 billion euros (S$76.8 billion), mostly the result of its investment banking activities in the...

Thailand's plunge into darkness

What do you think was the most remarkable thing that happened this week?

Banking hero

IN a biography of Jamie Dimon titled The House of Dimon, one of the stories about the Chairman, President and CEO of JPMorgan Chase is that he walks around with a folded sheet of A4 paper in his pocket.

The midas of publishing (Amended)


India's new central bank governor has big shoes to fill

TWENTY five years ago, I had a colleague at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, DC. His name was Urjit Patel. I was delighted to see that he has just been appointed governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to succeed the incumbent, Raghuram Rajan. Investors, the business...

'We need to change the math of economic success'

Ruchir Sharma talks to Vikram Khanna about Brexit, the EU, China, demographics, the Fed and more.

A premature exit, to India's loss

GIVEN his achievements, a central banker like Raghuram Rajan, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), would have a "guaranteed recomformation" in any country in the world. So wrote Luigi Zingales, Mr Rajan's colleague at the University of Chicago's Booth School of...

Why I renewed my COE for five years

LAST month, the 10-year COE for my Category B car expired. I was faced with four options: buy a new car; renew the COE for 10 years; renew for five years or do without a car.

The Weber world-view

On the potential impact of "Brexit": "The vote in the British referendum could be very close. There are two risks associated with the British referendum. First, if the referendum turns out to be positive (that is, if vote is to remain part of the European Union), some of the risk...

Champion of ideas

SOMETIMES, if you want to innovate, try doing the opposite of what others do. For example, when all airlines were concentrating on improving their in-flight services, along came RyanAir and took away all the frills. It went on to be a great success.