Countries in the Asia Pacific showed the greatest differences in download experience: Opensignal Study

In the fastest two countries, South Korea and Singapore, users experienced a speed gap of 13 Mbps between fastest and slowest hours, despite the two highest average 4G Download Speeds measured of 55.7 Mbps and 54.7 Mbps respectively.
FEBRUARY 20, 2019 - 2:49 PM

Depending on the country, the 4G download speed users experience per hour could be as much as 30 Mbps faster than the speed experienced just a few hours later, according to findings from an Opensignal report. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, countries in the Asia Pacific showed the greatest differences in download experience, with most countries positioned either at the top or bottom of Opensignal's speed consistency measures. While users in Singapore and South Korea experienced average speeds above 40Mbps - 45.4 Mbps for Singapore and 47.1 Mbps for South Korea - others struggled to reach double digits. 

These include countries like Thailand (8.2 Mbps), Indonesia (8.6 Mbps), Cambodia (8.6 Mbps) and the Philippines (9.4 Mbps). 

Opensignal, a mobile analytics company, studied 77 countries for the report. It collects over 3 billion individual measurements every day from tens of millions of smartphones worldwide.

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