Franco-German proposal can be Europe's Hamiltonian moment

THE new Franco-German proposal for a 500 billion euro (S$777 billion) European recovery fund could turn out to be the most important historic consequence of the coronavirus. It is even conceivable that the deal struck between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron...


10 potential risks to the global economy in 2020

THE traditional January game of economic forecasting for the year ahead hardly seems worth playing when the predictions have been the same for a decade. In 2020, it is even more likely than it has been every year since the financial crisis that the global economy will continue growing, interest...


Dose of economic, social reality for Johnson after UK election win

WARS end when the belligerents give up fighting. The surest way for this to happen, and sometimes the least destructive, is through a decisive battle that leads to unconditional surrender. Boris Johnson's overwhelming victory in the United Kingdom's general election this month was such a battle...

The monetarist era is over

A MOOD of foreboding dominated this month's annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in Washington, DC. But fear of a global recession was not the real cause.

Are Europe's prospects brighter than they appear?

IN THE year since US President Donald Trump escalated America's trade war with China, policymakers and financial markets have been obsessed with the dangers to both countries' economies. Yet the real threat the conflict poses to the global economy lies elsewhere.