Laying the foundations for vehicles of the future

EARLIER in August, Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed a decree to support the electric vehicle sector, noting that production should leverage the raw materials present in the country.

Bringing Batam into the next phase

MORE than 1.8 million tourists visited Batam last year, demonstrating its healthy status as a major tourist hub in the Riau Islands. Singaporeans made up 49.66 per cent of these tourist arrivals, drawn to the island's beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and excellent shopping just 40 minutes by...

A perfect mix of business and leisure

PROJECTED to become the world's fourth-largest economy in 2050, Indonesia's progress is well underway with its welcome attitude to investments under President Joko Widodo, who has ushered in a stable political climate and has put the development of infrastructure and tourism as priorities.

In the pursuit of progress

THE Philippines and Singapore reaffirmed 50 years of bilateral relations at the Fourth Informal Consultations on the Philippines-Singapore Action Plan in December last year, and discussed bolstering cooperation in areas such as economic ties, tourism and information technology.

Growing from strength to strength

JUST a three- to four-hour flight away from key cities in Asia, including Singapore, the Philippines' location makes it well-connected to its trading partners in the region.

Sweden's tech charge

FROM Spotify to Skype, Ericsson to Electrolux, Swedish brands are famous the world over and their innovations have found their way into many homes. Innovation and entrepreneurship have long been a core aspect of Swedish culture and this enterprising spirit has only served to propel the...

Ripe with opportunities

AS South Africa celebrates its national day tomorrow and 25 years of democracy, the country is on the road to success. And South Africa's High Commissioner to Singapore, Modise Casalis Mokitlane, is motivated and enthusiastic that he can contribute to the country's progress during his tenure in...