Trade war hurts, what else?

WE seek to explore the following issues from a macro perspective:

Fallout from US-China clash

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump believes that "trade wars are easy to win". Many observers and investors agree with him as the US economy is recovering strongly while the Chinese economy is slowing down with the emerging markets (EM) being caught in the crossfire. How about thinking out of...

What are China's growth prospects in an all-out trade war?

THE US announced on Sept 17 new tariffs on US$200 billion of imports from China, starting with an initial rate of 10 per cent on Sept 24 and rising to 25 per cent in January 2019. The move came two months after the implementation of the 25 per cent tariffs on US$50 billion of imports from China...

Questions about the renminbi stress

THE RAPID pace of correction of the renminbi exchange rate recently has surprised the market. What has changed to trigger the slide? Is China finally shifting to a devaluation policy? Will it surprise the market again by rebounding later?