Time for executive salaries to take ESG into account

PROFITS are not the be-all and end-all of business, according to the chief executives of JPMorgan Chase & Co, the Coca-Cola Company, General Motors Co and other members of the Business Roundtable group of American bosses.

SoftBank and WeWork are as bad as each other

[BERLIN] SoftBank Group Corp is having second thoughts about whether WeWork Cos Inc should go public just yet. Having valued the heavily loss-making office space provider at up to US$47 billion, Masayoshi Son's affiliates are doubtless reluctant to write down their more than US$10 billion...


KLM: Don't fly with us unless absolutely necessary

EVER since the economist Milton Friedman claimed the sole responsibility of business was to maximise profit, there's been a lively debate about whether companies should have other, more socially beneficial aims.


Berlin's property-owning classes under attack

THE high cost of urban housing is one of the most divisive issues that many countries face today. Rising prices have created entrenched cadres of haves and have nots, but because property owners tend to be in the majority, renters are often the ones left shortchanged.