Europe's 'green China' challenge

AT the recent United Nations General Assembly, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that his country will strive to become carbon neutral by 2060. It was a potentially highly consequential announcement, and it deserves more attention - not least from the European Union (EU).

Abenomics expected to retire with Japanese prime minister

THE official reason given for Shinzo Abe's departure as Japan's longest-serving prime minister was personal health. And now, his signature economic-policy programme may be headed for a similar fate.


The high cost of a strong euro currency

EUROPE is experiencing a "good" crisis. Despite the damage wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing recession, its response has minimised the damage and bolstered confidence in the economy. Yet even this positive news carries risks.

EU states not so different after all, despite divisions

A FEW months ago, the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the economic and financial crisis it has caused, looked like it might break the European Union. Member states had closed their national borders and rejected all coordination, with some even halting the export of urgently needed medical...


Why some fear a coronabond as much as the coronavirus

EUROPE can see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel as the numbers of daily infections and deaths from the virus fall gradually across the continent. But the economic fallout from the "Great Lockdown" is still to come. The International Monetary Fund is forecasting that the eurozone will...

The West's steep learning curve in containing Covid-19

POLITICIANS sometimes belittle military leaders with the charge that they always fight the last war. But that potted wisdom applies equally to policymakers - and it's not always a bad thing.

How Europe should manage the virus-induced crisis

THE spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus across Europe and the United States has led to a sharp financial-market correction and prompted calls for active monetary and fiscal policy to prevent a recession. But a closer look suggests that such an approach might not help much at all.

Building an EU-UK special relationship

THE European Union has lost one of its most important member states. The United Kingdom accounted for around one-sixth of the EU's population and economy. Without it, the EU will still be one of the world's premier economic powers, but it will suffer a loss of dynamism.

Is the euro zone ready to handle the long term?

THE beginning of a new year, and the start of a new decade, is a good time for longer-term reflection on economic policy. In the 2010s, a decade dominated by the aftermath of a once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis, a strong monetary and fiscal stimulus was clearly justified. In fact, there is now...


EU can wield geopolitical power, but that'll come at a cost

WITH former German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen assuming the presidency of the European Commission, the European Union (EU) now has a new executive.

The siren song of strategic autonomy

FOR over a year, US President Donald Trump's protectionist war against China and his broader use of import tariffs to advance geopolitical objectives has been fuelling anxiety about the future of world trade. But tariffs are only the tip of the iceberg of economic nationalism. If the world doesn...