The coronavirus recovery is doomed before it even begins

THE coronavirus recovery is in trouble before it even begins. As swiftly as the lockdowns across Asia were imposed, the process of lifting them will be slow and uneven. That means the region is months, if not years, away from any semblance of normal.


Deflation stalks the world after expansive policies of coronavirus era

THE economic contraction wrought by efforts to contain the coronavirus is shredding inflation. Now deflation, a prolonged period of falling prices, is stalking the globe. The collapsing oil market is both a symptom of weaker demand and cause for a deepening slump.


The Reserve Bank of India just did something crazy

THE Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is ending the year as it began - with a shock.


How much longer can shoppers prop up growth?

RELYING too much on shoppers to tide over growth can be a risky business. China and the US have been leaning heavily on consumers to sustain their economic expansions.


The big gamble not to follow Fed

DON'T expect Asia to take many leads from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's signal that further US interest rate cuts are coming.  That's not because the Fed chief's comments last Friday at Jackson Hole weren't clear, but because Asia is already well on its way toward significant relaxing...


The Fed got it just right, even if markets disagree

A COUPLE of interest-rate cuts by the Federal Reserve isn't a lot, but it may be just enough.


India, the world's model central bank? Just maybe.

INDIA is becoming the gold standard for monetary policy in Asia, if not the world. While global markets are giddy from hints that the Federal Reserve may cut interest rates, India's central bank has been easing since February.