Grounding the 737 Max eases turbulence for airlines

THE grounding of Boeing Co's 737 Max after a pair of accidents killed 346 people might seem an unmitigated disaster for the world's airline industry. Look at flight data, though, and you can glimpse a grim benefit supporting carriers' bottom lines.


How foreigners helped cool Australian housing

THERE'S a familiar refrain in Australia when public discussion turns to the country's eye-wateringly expensive housing market: Foreigners are to blame.


India should beware of Saudi Aramco's billions

IT'S funny how friendly someone gets when they're trying to sell you something.


Keep flying simple and hassle-free for pilots

PRESIDENT Donald Trump was widely mocked last week for his response to the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Group Flight 302, warning that "airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly". In fact, he made a good point, which 737 Max manufacturer Boeing Co, airlines and pilots would do well...


What's driving iron ore's price spike?

THERE'S nothing worse than things going crazy at the office while you're away on holiday....


Glencore brings the end of thermal coal a step closer

ET TU, Glencore?


Renault and Nissan appear to be lurching towards war

WHEN Serbian nationalists assassinated the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary in 1914, they hoped the move would lead to the independence they craved from their imperial overlord. Instead, a finely balanced system of alliances collapsed into one of history's bloodiest wars....


We're running out of road

THINK traffic is bad in New York or London? They ain't got nothingĀ on Jakarta and Chongqing. The top of TomTom NV's ranking of the world's most congested places is dominated by emerging markets. Among cities in rich countries, only Los Angeles makes it into the top 15, and then...


The lithium cartel is self-destructing

WHAT ever happened to the lithium boom?