Mercedes EQC review: The Tesla-fighter from Benz is headed for Singapore

WHO needs petrol? This is the EQC, the very first full-production electric vehicle (EV) from Mercedes-Benz.


Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: First and still foremost

WHO launched the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) here?

Harley-Davidson Livewire: the two-wheeled Tesla is here

HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycles are famous for their rumbling twin-cylinder engines, but the next one to go on sale in Singapore might not have an engine at all. The Livewire is the American manufacturer's first electric motorcycle, and is meant to be a futuristic and sporty departure from the...

Mercedes CLA review: A model for success

IT'S not often you hear an automaker admit that one of its cars is the four-wheeled equivalent of Derek Zoolander.


BMW M850i xDrive review: Shark attack!

IF CAR buying is an ocean, then the luxurious depths you can plumb are deep indeed.

Testing Jaguar's I-Pace in the harshest possible way

THIS might be the worst place on earth for an electric vehicle (EV), which is precisely why The Business Times is driving the Jaguar I-Pace at Sepang Circuit.

The three-wheeler that could make your car obsolete

TAIWAN-BASED scooter manufacturer, Adiva, is known for its interesting spin on mobility.


Audi A6 3.0 TFSI review: Edge of tomorrow

CHOOSING a big executive sedan here is a lot like buying a flagship smartphone. There are two unmissable models at the head of the short list, but if you look past them, you'll find equal or superior performance....


Porsche Macan S review: A fast ride for slow food

SINGAPORE'S increasingly crowded roads mean that the best test of a car's abilities isn't to be had here, but on a Malaysian makan run. Ignore the highways, take the challenging, twisty B-roads to work up an appetite, and earn the reward of great Malaysian nosh at the end of it....

BMW X2 review: A less taxing effort

MOST cars are sold in trim levels that offer differing equipment packs, and with some, the less expensive versions only exist to boost sales of the more expensive ones. After all, high-spec models make it amply clear that you can pay a small premium, get more car, and savour the envy of pals....

A French revolution in luxury

COFFEE freaks say a French press is the best method for brewing a killer cup of coffee.


1,300 people have bought a Porsche Macan in Singapore. Here's why

CAN a mere facelift help Porsche's most popular model stand out in a sea of Sport Utility Vehicles? The German brand launched its revamped Macan at the Singapore Motorshow yesterday, where other luxury SUVs made their debut, such as Audi's small and tech-packed Q3, BMW's all-new...


The new Mazda 3 is in Singapore - but you have to catch it quick

PREVIEWS are usually reserved for cars that are fast, expensive, too advanced for the local market - or even all three.

Mercedes-Benz A200 Progressive review: An iPhone on wheels

MAKING a stylish, desirable car is a difficult sort of alchemy, requiring a delicate balance of brand value, automotive design, practicality, and a hundred other things. But if anyone can claim to have something approaching a reliable formula for it, it's Mercedes-Benz, and that shows...

Life after Ferrari and Maserati for Hong Seh Motors

HONG SEH Motors is perhaps best known as a seller of fast cars, and having just celebrated its 50th anniversary, the company shows no signs of slowing down.

BMW 330i review: Still a mighty 3

1982'S TELEVISION series Knight Rider might have featured a perm-tastic David Hasselhoff, but the real star of the show was KITT, a talking, self-driving Pontiac....

Mercedes-AMG A 35 review: Beyond the hot hatch norm

HOT hatchbacks are a much beloved sub-genre of cars since they pair outsized power and driving fun with a hatch's practicality and small footprint....

Can beauty earn big bucks for Mazda?

ASIDE from the technical improvements that carmakers usually try to include with a new model, the revamped Mazda 3 needed something extra: it had to be "the most gorgeous sedan in its class"....


Audi's new Q8 makes its own luck

TO THE Chinese, 8 is a lucky number. That also rings true with regard to Audi, since it's only the flagship models of the German luxury brand that have this digit in their name....

How to use your phone while driving properly - and legally

A S$1,000-DOLLAR smartphone might not raise eyebrows these days, but having one pair efficiently with a car's infotainment system has been something reserved mostly for luxury models so far....

Volkswagen Polo review: VW beats its baby

IF YOUNGER consumers have fallen out of love with cars, maybe Volkswagen can win them over to the new Polo with help from hip audio company Beats.


Audi A8 review: A smart start

THE self-driving car is here before you. It's just not allowed to drive you around yet. As the flagship of the brand, the Audi A8 has always been a tech trendsetter. The first A8, which appeared in 1994, was one of the first full-production cars to have a weight-saving aluminium monocoque...

When Porsche ditches engines, will it also lose its soul?

IT'S night and the floodlights are on, we're screaming down the front straight of a damp Sepang Circuit at more than 250km/h, with the brakes and exhaust pipes glowing red hot from the frantic pace....

Mercedes E 350 e review: A plug-in hybrid star

INTERNET conundrum of the week: Is it more virtuous to do good and keep quiet about it or to do good and talk about it on social media and garner likes?

This new Audi is a "technological rock star"

LUXURY German carmaker Audi officially unveiled its first fully electric vehicle (EV), the e-tron sport utility vehicle (SUV), on Monday.