Japan firm Rays sees itself as the Louis Vuitton of car wheels

WHEELS are round, metal things that, when combined with tyres, enable a car to move.


Ferrari F8 Tributo: The F8 of the furious

THE late Enzo Ferrari once described his company's cars as "engines with wheels attached to them", and said that aerodynamics was the pursuit of those who were terrible at engine building. 

Mercedes-Benz A 200 Saloon review: Beauty saloon

MAKING the right choices in life sometimes requires willpower. Salad over those fries, for instance, or the gym over the bar. To make things worse, science now considers willpower a limited resource, so if uncovering every last detail about your next car feels like a strain to the brain, the...

Volvo's revival: How Ford's folly turned into Geely's gold

CHINESE medicine may be bitter, but in the car world it can produce sweet results. It's now 10 years after Ford Motor Company put Volvo Cars on the auction block, and the Swedish company is now more successful than it has ever been, a fact that some might find surprising because it has spent...

Jump on this grand wagon

WHETHER it's due to fashion, habit, or even plain old superstition, Singaporeans simply don't buy stationwagons, but the new Volvo V60 could go some way to changing that.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe review: A song of fire and nice

SO FEARSOME and violent is this car that its name, "GT", is short for "Game of Thrones". Actually, it isn't, but it might as well be.


Audi's new A4 punches above its weight

THE premise of"'under-promise and over-deliver" probably sends marketing folk into paroxysms of denied opportunity, but in an era of constant exhibitionism, the old-fashioned way of pleasing clients is more valuable than ever.

New Mazda 3 review: A sculptural sedan

NUMBERS 3, 4 and 5. Those are big news in the car trade at the moment, now that the new Mazda 3 is in town, and available with 4 doors or 5.

2019 Audi Q3 review: A long Q is building

THE Audi Q3 first appeared in 2011. Back then, before the crossover craze hit the frenzy that only just seems to be peaking, it was Audi's smallest sport utility vehicle (SUV).

2019 Ducati Diavel review: Dancing with the devil

THE classic American power cruiser motorcycle pairs a big image with an equally large engine. The result is, like some of the muscle cars of yore, a machine that excels at straight-line speed, but is less adept at going around corners quickly.

Is this Singaporean the most important CEO in the global car industry?

IN a gig economy where nobody has any reason to own a car, what will car companies sell?

Mazda 3 2.0 Sedan review: Mazda's impressive sedan could even make Lexus worry

TO REDESIGN the Mazda 3, engineers started by examining something unusual: people.

Moving towards luxury

THE Mazda 3 is the culmination of the brand's efforts to become a premium version of itself on a number of levels.

Hyundai previews its biggest and smallest SUVs right here in Singapore

ON TUESDAY, June 18, Hyundai and its Singaporean distributor, Komoco Motors, previewed two significant additions to its sport utility vehicle (SUV) line-up here in the form of both the largest and smallest SUVs that it currently makes.

Mercedes EQC review: The Tesla-fighter from Benz is headed for Singapore

WHO needs petrol? This is the EQC, the very first full-production electric vehicle (EV) from Mercedes-Benz.


Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: First and still foremost

WHO launched the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) here?

Harley-Davidson Livewire: the two-wheeled Tesla is here

HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycles are famous for their rumbling twin-cylinder engines, but the next one to go on sale in Singapore might not have an engine at all. The Livewire is the American manufacturer's first electric motorcycle, and is meant to be a futuristic and sporty departure from the...

Mercedes CLA review: A model for success

IT'S not often you hear an automaker admit that one of its cars is the four-wheeled equivalent of Derek Zoolander.


BMW M850i xDrive review: Shark attack!

IF CAR buying is an ocean, then the luxurious depths you can plumb are deep indeed.

Testing Jaguar's I-Pace in the harshest possible way

THIS might be the worst place on earth for an electric vehicle (EV), which is precisely why The Business Times is driving the Jaguar I-Pace at Sepang Circuit.

The three-wheeler that could make your car obsolete

TAIWAN-BASED scooter manufacturer, Adiva, is known for its interesting spin on mobility.


Audi A6 3.0 TFSI review: Edge of tomorrow

CHOOSING a big executive sedan here is a lot like buying a flagship smartphone. There are two unmissable models at the head of the short list, but if you look past them, you'll find equal or superior performance....


Porsche Macan S review: A fast ride for slow food

SINGAPORE'S increasingly crowded roads mean that the best test of a car's abilities isn't to be had here, but on a Malaysian makan run. Ignore the highways, take the challenging, twisty B-roads to work up an appetite, and earn the reward of great Malaysian nosh at the end of it....

BMW X2 review: A less taxing effort

MOST cars are sold in trim levels that offer differing equipment packs, and with some, the less expensive versions only exist to boost sales of the more expensive ones. After all, high-spec models make it amply clear that you can pay a small premium, get more car, and savour the envy of pals....

A French revolution in luxury

COFFEE freaks say a French press is the best method for brewing a killer cup of coffee.