A legacy that serves as her life's trademark

WHETHER as a private banker, wealth management advisor, philanthropist, or devoted family person, Noor Quek's success in her life's different pursuits has been underpinned by a desire to constantly challenge herself and a need to help those around her.

Growing a business that lasts generations

WHEN Ong Tze Boon's parents died within three years of each other on either side of the new millennium, he was left in a quandary over what to do with the successful architectural firm the couple had founded.

Redefining the status quo in healthcare

When Dean Ho looks into the future, he sees a world where more people have access to higher quality healthcare at lower costs. Some may call him an optimist, but the research director is in a better position than most to believe in this somewhat utopian vision.


Helping doctors make faster and better decisions

ALTHOUGH medical imaging contributes over 90 per cent of the data used to diagnose patient conditions, there is a global shortage of healthcare professionals such as radiologists and imaging specialists to analyse this information. This results in long waiting times for patients, poor access to...


Unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence

AUTONOMOUS vehicles, robots and drones that use artificial intelligence (AI) require hundreds of thousands of images and videos to learn about the world around them. Collecting these images is a time-consuming and expensive step when building AI applications. Instead of capturing data from the...

Betting on new technology and winning

AS the lead agency for greenery, biodiversity conservation, wildlife and animal management, the National Parks Board (NParks) of Singapore manages around six million trees.

Pushing the borders of digital innovation

FROM an artificial intelligence tool to help doctors make faster diagnoses to a digital platform for managing Singapore's trees, local organisations that developed or adopted ground breaking technologies were honoured for their innovative spirit at the Singapore Digital (SG:D) Techblazer Awards...


Staying relevant for the long term

Two local enterprises share their efforts at building sustainable businesses in the face of disruption

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Recognising efforts to tackle climate change

Carbon emissions contribute to climate change, which in turn leads to hotter weather and rising sea levels, threatening low-lying countries like Singapore.

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Champions for the environment

Landscaping company Amozonia’s founder, Mr Rajendran, believes in connecting their clients to nature.

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Investing in human capital

Independent financial advisory (IFA) firm Financial Alliance offers a huge range of choice to its customers.

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Empowering local markets

Online market place Bigg World was established last year to help local merchants more effectively reach out to digital-savvy shoppers.

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An ongoing story of success

Being a Brands for Good winner doesn't end with accepting the award at the ceremony. Rather, it marks a milestone in a company's efforts to do good.


Lauding efforts by businesses to make a difference

AN INITIATIVE to recognise businesses that are making a positive impact on their stakeholders, communities and the environment returned for its second instalment last month.

Channelling capital for the greater good

GTR Ventures is an investment and venture building company that looks beyond the bottom line when it comes to deciding where to channel its capital.

Creating personalised ads in real-time

SINGAPORE-BASED tech start-up Lumin(ai)re has developed a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create online advertisements by determining consumer tastes based on regional, cultural and product category variables.

Minimising environmental impact

BIG Tiny is the first company in Singapore to integrate the concept of "tiny houses" with eco-tourism, improving the lives of rural farmers and city dwellers.

Building a business and community through empathy

WHEN Lee Li Ping founded frozen yogurt brand Sogurt in 2010, three months after graduating from university, she had a larger purpose: To build "healthy individuals, families and communities".

Building a solid foundation to help the environment

HAVING been in the construction industry for 30 years, Charles Lim has had more than his fair share of problems with flooring; whether it was during construction or after handing over the project to the client.

Getting patients up and going quickly

OSTEOPORE International specialises in the production of 3D printed implants that are used in surgical procedures to assist with the natural stages of bone healing.

Helping others to succeed

THE Love & Respect Transformation Centre (L&RTC) is a socially-conscious business that provides education and mentorship programmes to help people reach their life and career goals.

Promoting and upholding responsible business in Asean

RECOGNISING the growing importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the region, the ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Business Alliance (ARIBA) was set up to establish a network of businesses to promote responsible, inclusive and sustainable enterprises.

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The future of a growing movement

In less than two years, the Brands for Good movement has grown into a force for inspiring companies to make a positive impact through their businesses.

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Supporting a mission for change

Helping smaller companies to do good. That's the aim of Brands For Good, a positive impact business recognition programme that fills a niche in the corporate social responsibility space (CSR) in Singapore and the region.

Celebrating a silver jubilee of quality business performances

SINCE the introduction of the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in 1994, over 2,000 organisations have embarked on Enterprise Singapore's (ESG) Business Excellence (BE) initiative in an effort to boost their performance.