Building niche capabilities

TO stay relevant with the times, new programmes under the Business Excellence (BE) initiative were launched in the 2000s to build more specialised capabilities to help local organisations stay competitive. These included BE certifications and awards in the niche areas of innovation, people and...

Keeping a tight lid on crime

THE Singapore Police Force (SPF) has invested heavily in technology and talent over the years to help reach its goal of making the Republic the safest place in the world.

Getting a second chance at life

STARTED in 2004, the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) seeks to engage the community in giving ex-offenders a second chance at life and to inspire more action to support them and their families.

A mission to rehabilitate offenders

TO help offenders reintegrate back to society after their release from prison, the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) set up an operational unit known as the Community Corrections Command to help them make that critical transition.

Celebrating a silver jubilee of quality business performances

SINCE the introduction of the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) in 1994, over 2,000 organisations have embarked on Enterprise Singapore's (ESG) Business Excellence (BE) initiative in an effort to boost their performance.

Enabling the digital world

BUSINESS excellence has long been a driving force for electronics equipment manufacturer ASM Technology Singapore (ATS). This translates to delivering innovative solutions to its customers while fostering a conducive work environment for its employees.

Making the grade

SINCE 1994, more than 1,000 volunteers have dedicated their time and effort to conduct business excellence certifications and awards assessment. Known as Business Excellence (BE) Assessors, these practitioners provide valuable insights to support organisations as they progress on their BE...

Grooming local champions

THE Business Excellence (BE) platform has continued to evolve over the past decade, with more learning platforms such as seminars, workshops, and conferences to share best practices being organised.

Building bridges across global business excellence communities

AS part of its mission to help local companies develop their capabilities, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) participates in international efforts to promote business excellence. For instance, the government agency is a founding member of the Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council.

A journey of quality begins

AS more of Singapore's enterprises started to compete globally in the 1990s, there was an increased focus on enhancing the quality of local organisations. This strategy recognised the fact that the quality of the workforce, capital and management systems, as well as products and services, were...

Raising the bar

WHETHER it's using data to ensure that rooms are ready when guests arrive or serving seafood from sustainable sources, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has built a culture around continuous improvement and innovation. To help guide its efforts to achieve better results across all aspects of its operations...

Leveraging innovation to navigate choppy waters

AS a key global maritime player, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) adopts the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve, and constantly benchmarks itself against other competitors.

Growing to the next level

IN recent years, Enterprise Singapore's (ESG) Business Excellence initiative has placed a greater emphasis on getting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to join the programme.

Working towards a low-carbon future

FOR its numerous achievements towards becoming energy efficient, HP Singapore has won the Excellence in Energy Management award this year at the annual Energy Efficiency National Partnership (EENP) Awards. This accolade recognises companies that have demonstrated a high level of commitment to...

Innovative design helps PCS increase output without increase in energy usage

A MODIFICATION to a piece of equipment at Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited's (PCS) plant led to an increase in production while using the same amount of energy. The project resulted in an overall improvement to its energy efficiency and also won it a Best Practices nod at...

Fostering a culture of sustainability

TO meet its sustainability goals for 2019, pharmaceutical company Roche Singapore expanded its capabilities through various energy efficiency projects, internal awareness campaigns and by participating in external training programmes. These efforts led to the Roche Singapore Technical Operations...

ExxonMobil leverages new technology to improve energy efficiency

RECOGNISING the importance of using energy efficiently at its operations, ExxonMobil's Singapore Chemical Plant (SCP) implemented a new technology to enhance energy performance at its aromatics facility. The success of this initiative won ExxonMobil a Best Practices honour at the EENP awards....

Working passionately for a sustainable future

WHETHER it's leading a company effort to save energy or inspiring those around him, Lee Kum Chin has become a champion for energy efficiency at healthcare company Abbott Manufacturing Singapore.

Home Team Academy aims to be socially responsible as well

TO realise its vision of being a "Leading Corporate University in Homefront Safety and Security," Home Team Academy (HTA) believes that it has to go beyond being a world-class training provider and also be recognised as a socially responsible organisation. It has therefore taken the lead in...

Teaching the right lessons to save the environment

AS part of its mission to provide a holistic education to its students, Hillgrove Secondary School rolled out a Sustainable Environment Education (SEE) programme in 2015 that aimed to encourage critical thinking about environmental issues. The success of the programme resulted in the school...

A platform to boost energy efficiency

IMPROVING energy efficiency among households and businesses is one of the ways that Singapore is working towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions as the fight to halt climate change reaches a critical stage.

Going digital for better energy management

SINGAPORE is encouraging businesses in the industrial sector to adopt new digital solutions to help improve their energy efficiency and curb carbon emissions. Digitalisation can help such industrial users - which account for half of the Republic's total energy use - more effectively gather and...

ATS cuts energy use by retrofitting ageing air compressors

ASM Technology Singapore introduced a device at its Singapore plant that made its ageing air compressors more energy efficient.

Navigating choppy economic waters

The familiar headwinds of global trade tensions, China’s domestic slowdown, and other geopolitical concerns such as Brexit and hotspots in the Middle East have dented consumer confidence and business sentiment.


Battling corporate wrongdoing

CORPORATE malfeasance in the form of corruption and bribery is a major risk that many organisations have to deal with. Even in Singapore, which has forged a reputation as a "clean" place for doing business, such incidents have cropped up over the years.