An alternative pool of talent to tap on

THROUGH internship and mentoring programmes, Deutsche Bank in Singapore has gained access to a valuable pool of talent that they can tap on. Since 2014, 11 students with disabilities have completed internships at the organisation. Of the 11 interns, the bank has hired two as full-time staff. It has...

Getting the most out of an inclusive workplace

AS businesses increasingly recognise the benefits of fostering a diverse workplace, more of them are putting in place processes and policies to attract a wider range of different talents, including those with disabilities. The argument goes that employees are likely to go the extra mile when they...

Redesigning a job for inclusiveness

WHEN an employee of Singapore-based Volvo East Asia met with an accident that resulted in him becoming a wheelchair user, the company immediately took steps to enable him to come back to work. Volvo East Asia is the Asia-Pacific headquarters of Volvo Construction Equipment, a leading international...

Coming out of the shadows

PAN Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) is a strong supporter of SG Enable's efforts to promote disability inclusion in the workplace. It was the first and to date the only hotel employer to support the agency's school-to-work transition programme with a pilot run in 2017 at Pan Pacific Singapore...

Raising awareness of diversity through mentoring

REFLECTING on the importance of promoting inclusiveness at Accenture, one of the consulting firm's managing directors, Grant Spooner, mentored a student who is deaf over a 12-week period last year, helping to prepare him for the working world. Accenture ended up hiring the student, NUS...

Wanted: women in STEM

AS Singapore moves towards becoming a smart nation, there is a need to encourage more women to enter science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields to help develop solutions for a digital age. Yet, the under-representation of women in STEM careers has not changed much in the last few...

A vision for the future of STEM

DR Guo is an Independent Fellow at Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Science, National University of Singapore.

Designed to fly high

USING innovative design concepts, Changi Airport Group has worked to make its facilities a memorable and hassle-free part of the traveller's journey. This philosophy is best expressed at its recently opened Terminal 4, or T4, which has adopted the principles of design thinking to create an...

Car vending machine that's an industry eye-opener

WHEN Autobahn Motors' general manager Gary Hong visited Toys 'R' Us with his son a few years ago and saw a display case for Matchbox cars, he was struck with an idea for his own business. That led to the world's largest "vending machine" for cars at the family-owned...

Good design's strategic role in business

TO ENHANCE its innovation efforts in the healthcare sector, Philips created a space that brings to life different medical scenarios, such as a home setting, an ambulance, emergency and recovery rooms, as well as an intensive care unit.

Leveraging digital technology for urban living

AS A leading real estate player, Keppel Land offers innovative living solutions in its portfolio of residential developments, integrated townships and commercial properties.

Getting businesses to operate sustainably

IN response to growing demand from consumers, more companies have been incorporating sustainable practices into their businesses in recent years.

Getting on board with diversity

A DESIRE to grow their presence in Asia while promoting diversity within their ranks is leading more multinational corporations to seek out highly experienced female executives from the region to join their boards.

Going digital for better outcomes

SOFTWARE company Info-Tech Systems Integrators implemented a phone monitoring system after receiving feedback from customers about lost calls and having to repeat their queries to different support team members. After implementation, lost calls have been greatly reduced with better accountability...

Working greener and smarter

A MANUFACTURER of wooden pallets, crates and boxes, LHT Holdings has developed a series of environmentally friendly products made from 50 to 100 per cent waste wood materials in response to changing customer needs. The Innovative Processed Product Conversion (IPPC) line of pallets, crates and boxes...

Serving up productivity with robots

WHILE there has been much talk of robotics technology being used by businesses to improve efficiency and reduce their reliance on manpower, Park Avenue Rochester Hotel & Suites has actually taken the leap to become the first hotel in Singapore to introduce robots in its operations.

Delivering solutions with technology

ELITE International Logistics Singapore aims to to provide a comprehensive range of logistics services to its customers by developing solutions that help it to be more efficient.

SPA winners are leading the productivity charge

WHETHER it was a hotel with robots serving food or a manufacturer of wooden pallets fitted with RFID-tracking technology, companies that broke new ground in the productivity stakes over the past year were given their due recognition earlier this month.

Doing more with less

MARINA Bay Sands constantly invests in refreshing its offerings to keep the visitor experience fresh for its guests. This investment extends to its behind-the-scenes operations to ensure that its operations are as efficient as possible, and is aligned with its culture of "doing more with less...

Breaking new ground

TEAMBUILD Engineering & Construction has been a leader in implementing new productivity solutions in the construction sector. For instance, it was one of the first construction firms to introduce Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) - a building method where large modules...

Serving up innovations in service

AS a "quick casual dining" Chinese restaurant chain, Dian Xiao Er's success relies on its ability to deliver its dishes quickly after a customer places an order. It realised that the key to achieving this was to ensure a highly efficient work process that prized productivity...

Building new capabilities

HUA Siah Construction has been busy in recent years putting in place new technologies that can help improve its efficiency and reduce its reliance on manpower.

Running machines 24/7

TO ensure that its machines are as productive as possible, semiconductor equipment maker Micro-Mechanics introduced a system to reduce the time a piece of equipment is left idle while the machinist prepares it for the next job. The company's machinists took about five minutes to prepare the...

Philanthropy - the 'leveraged giving' way

ORGANISATIONS that rely on donations to finance their activities need to go beyond just holding fund-raising events and work towards cultivating long-term supporters.

Bridging the gap in the needs of health care

AT the Philippine General Hospital (PHG), a government-funded institution, charity patients receive free medical services. However, with increasing costs and growing healthcare needs, philanthropy is playing a vital role in supporting the institution's ability to subsidise costs, says Gerardo...