BT Budding Artists kids keep performing and painting online

THE adjustment has not been easy. For dance instructor Muhammad Ridhwan, teaching virtually means squinting at a computer screen filled with sometimes blurry images of 10 or more kids practising their moves in the cramped corners of their bedrooms.

A Creative Awakening

SOMETIME IN FEBRUARY, Jed Tay started to dread going to work. As COO of NoonTalk Media, a media company specialising in production, events and artiste management, he was receiving calls almost every day from clients requesting to cancel a shoot or an event.

Self-reflection in a time of pandemic

FEELING CLAUSTROPHOBIC FROM too much time indoors? Jenny Odell’s bestselling philosophical book, How To Do Nothing: Resisting The Attention Economy, proves surprisingly relevant as Covid-stricken countries go into full or semi-lockdown. 

Culture for your quarantine

Singapore’s theatre scene deserves an A+. And anyone still not convinced by its richness and vitality should catch The Necessary Stage’s Those Who Can’t, Teach, screening online for free till April 30.

A history of beauty

HUMAN HISTORY IS rich with stories about the search for treasure and beauty. The Asian Civilisations Museum is celebrating that history with two new galleries that focus on jewellery, and fashion and textiles.

Semun Ho, CEO, Textile And Fashion Federation

SEMUN HO IS not what you might call a “fashionista”. She may be the CEO of the Textile And Fashion Federation (TAFF), a Singapore organisation spearheading various initiatives to help the local fashion scene.  

Secretive shoe Instagrammers

IN THE WORLD of Instagram fashion, there are very few categories more mysterious and secretive than the men’s dress shoe category. Many fashion Instagrammers display their faces and bodies, and happily exploit the commercial opportunities that come with being recognisable. But most men’s shoe...


Jerry De Souza, Independent Creative Director

IF THERE IS a man behind every great woman, then the man behind Singapore’s most famous lifestyle queen Cynthia Chua is Jerry De Souza. Since the early 2000s, the two best friends conspired to shake up Singapore’s lifestyle scene with what were then unconventional offerings – Brazilian waxing...

The Art (Or Crime) Of Seduction

A new book chronicles the changing rules of seduction, from Casanova to #MeToo

A Language Of His Own

National Gallery Singapore’s first solo exhibition of 2020 looks at the distinctive art of Latiff Mohidin

Singapore artists grapple with virus fallout

THE Covid-19 fallout continues to ravage the Singapore arts industry in unprecedented ways. Its latest casualty is the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), which has been called off by its commissioner National Arts Council (NAC) and organiser Arts House Limited.


Buying high-end art during a pandemic

COVID or no Covid, the high-end art market is determined to carry on. On Wednesday at 6pm, the celebrated Art Basel Hong Kong didn't open at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre as it has for years. The actual physical art fair had been cancelled after thousands of gallerists and...

Rengy John, Managing Partner of BLINK Design Group

SINCE 2006, BLINK Design Group has risen quickly to become the leading luxury hospitality architecture and design firm in the region. Its portfolio of properties is as remarkable as the properties themselves. 

Faraway, so close

While the United States and Canada jointly add up to North America, it’s always been the US that has dominated in terms of pop culture, food and lifestyle. Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and Ryan Reynolds may be some of Canada’s best known exports but you’d hardly realise that given their huge...

Art Collectors' Anti-Virus Party

NO ART BASEL Hong Kong? No problem. One leading Singapore gallery is holding its own group exhibition featuring big-name artists.

Emma, En Pointe

THE POSTERS WERE the first to tip off fashion observers. Emma (played by rising starlet Anya Taylor-Joy) wears a high-neck top in pastel pink with statement sleeves and a hand muffler. One poised foot sticks out en pointe from under her billowy white skirt, a gesture of confidence and authority...


Dr Martin Bem, Owner & MD of Ponte Group

WHEN DR MARTIN Bem first arrived in Singapore in 1999, many people asked him why an Austrian who holds a PhD in Economics and Masters degree in Marketing would want to work in F&B. “Shouldn’t you be in hedge funds or private equity?” they asked. “You’ll make more money.” 


Second Helpings

“NORTH INDIAN FOOD is butt ugly,” says Padma Lakshmi, model, TV host and former wife of Salman Rushdie. “It’s always some vegetable or protein floating in some kind of brown or orange or red sauce, and it looks nondescript.” 

Alan Vinogradov, Co-founder of Sneaker Con

VIRGIL ABLOH MAY have sounded the death knell of streetwear, but as far as Alan Vinogradov is concerned, the worldwide craze for sneakers has only just begun. The co-founder of the world’s biggest sneaker show, Sneaker Con, is putting his money where his mouth is: In June, he and his partners...

The makings of a man

AS AN ACTOR, Mahershala Ali has always had a knack for changing perceptions. In his Oscar-winning breakthrough role in Moonlight (2016), he plays a tough drug dealer who is unexpectedly kind to a frequently-bullied gay boy, showing the world that machismo and...

Modern Masculinity

MASCULINITY IS NOT a concept one associates with eco-consciousness. But in an era of climate change, #MeToo, and widening social and wealth inequalities, responsible men everywhere have had to ask themselves where they stand on these issues

How the young can impact the future

CAREER resilience is crucial in a rapidly-changing job market. Which is why a group of young Singaporeans are hoping to launch a mobile app that uses gaming technology to spur the unemployed to find employment, and help those entrenched in their careers to upskill and stay motivated.

Successful But Lonely At The Top

AS COMPANIES WORK through the Covid-19 outbreak, one man worries about the mental health impact it might have on the C-suite executives steering them. He knows the financial stress a crisis like this puts on businesses. 

SIFA 2020: Sterling slate of shows

The third SIFA helmed by Gaurav Kripalani is his best yet

Daniel Cordaro, Founder & CEO of The Contentment Foundation

WANNA BE HAPPIER? The good news, according to American psychologist Daniel Cordaro, is that anyone can. The better news is that it may not cost you a cent. Since time immemorial, the sages of the world – such as the Greek philosophers, Confucius, Jesus and Muhammad – have told people to learn to...