Ono, Oh Yes

Lisa Ono sings in a disarmingly low-key manner, yet the purity of her voice always captivates.

Rulers For A Day

Singapore theatre collective Attempts wants to transform passive theatre audiences into active thinkers through its inventive productions. Its latest work, A Tiny Country, is an immersive play co-created by Rei Poh and Jean Tay for the M1 Fringe Festival 2020. 

Chet, Please

Chet Baker remains one of those beautiful tragic figures whose talents as a jazz musician were eclipsed by a drug addiction that led to his death. Chet Baker:

Ferrante Fever Returns

Fans of Italian writer Elena Ferrante will be thrilled to know that 2020 marks the return of Ferrante Fever.

Ali Wong's Home Truths

COMEDIAN ALI WONG performed her two popular Netflix stand-up specials while heavily pregnant with her first and second child.

Margaret Leng Tan, Up Close And Very Personal

AT 74, MARGARET Leng Tan has no secrets to hide. Like many famous people who've been in the limelight for decades, she doesn't balk at talking about her medical conditions, her close friendships and the death of a loved one.

Abhishek Gupta, Co-founder of Circles Life

MANY START-UPS DREAM of being called a ''disruptor'', but few have sufficiently upended their respective markets to earn that moniker. Circles.Life, on the other hand, gets labelled that in spades.

Daddy Issues

What does it mean to be a man today?

Hot Ticket

If you’re planning to watch great theatre next year, you might as well get tickets to the Singapore International Festival of the Arts (SIFA) now.

Interview - Marc Nicholson, founder of private members’ club 1880

STEP ONTO THE escalator leading up to the club 1880 and you’re at first confused by the strange glittering prismatic walls surrounding you, a kind of high-tech rabbit hole promising a wonderland upon arrival.

Singapore Biennale: The long lens of history

THESE PAST TWO months have been extraordinary for Singapore’s arts and culture scene. The Singapore Writers Festival in November was the most socially-inclusive and politically-relevant it’s ever been, fearlessly engaging in issues such as feminism, race and queer identities rarely talked about...

Obama Effect

One of the most popular presidential couples in history is here in Singapore. Barack and Michelle Obama, the former US president and first lady, are set to speak on their leadership experiences in separate public events.

Christmas in the Caucasus

ARMENIA IS THE smallest country in the Caucasus. But it holds the distinction of being the first country in the world to officially accept Christianity as its national religion in 301 AD.

Luxury That Lasts 

WHEN GIORGIO GRASSI DAMIANI was a child, he and his two siblings would follow their jeweler father on his trips to the gemstone capitals of the world – Thailand and Hong Kong for coloured stones, Japan and Tahiti for pearls, and Africa for diamonds and other stones. 

In A Holiday Mood

Have you seen Peter Pam – oops, Peter Pan – fly yet? The new adaptation of the JM Barrie fairytale by W!ld Rice is absolutely delightful. Played on the new thrust stage in Funan, this Ivan Heng-directed pantomime has all the ingredients of the perfect seasonal entertainment – strong performances...

Heartrending Drama

Netflix’s Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver, has just been released on the streaming service.

The Christmas Issue

Dreaming of a green Christmas 

A sustainable Christmas without sacrificing the good things in life? Three eco-warriors show how they’re doing it

Return Of Eve

The classic Hollywood film All About Eve swept the Oscars back in 1951, winning Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, among other awards.

Malaysian motormouth

The world’s most beloved ah beng is coming to town.

Music, murder & meatpies

Stephen Sondheim’s most macabre musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street tells the story of an exiled barber who secretly returns to his town to take revenge on the man responsible for ruining his life.

Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey actress

WHOSE HEART DOESN’T break for Anna, the steely housemaid in the TV series Downton Abbey who’s endured more tumult and trauma than most characters on the show?  

The Morning Show tackles MeToo

IN THE THIRD episode of The Morning Show, a TV station’s new anchorwoman Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) is forced to go shopping for clothes that would make her look more feminine and glamorous.

Return of Peter Pan

PIRATES, CROCODILES, MERMAIDS, flying lads and fairy dust. They sound like a recipe for a children’s show. But Wild Rice’s year-end pantomimes have an appeal that transcends age groups. 

New Artists

The Singapore Biennale is currently showcasing the best Asian contemporary art at various venues, but most in-demand artists today got their start at small art platforms such as the Affordable Art Fair.

Gangster Flick

The much-awaited Netflix mob movie The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorsese, is set to stream on Nov 27.