ChildAid celebrates 15 years of giving back

ORGANISED by The Business Times and The Straits Times, ChildAid 2019 was marked by a dash of nostalgia, a sprinkle of stardom and whole lot of good music.

Dick Lee will sing two songs at ChildAid 2019

DICK Lee, one of Singapore's most well-known musicians, will perform two beloved numbers, Bunga Sayang and Fried Rice Paradise, at the upcoming charity concert ChildAid 2019 at the Esplanade on Nov 20 and 21.

The Rise Of Conscious Fashion

Hermès and other luxury houses turn reclaimed materials into the new fashion must-haves

Connecting Art & Architecture

ALWAYS SO ELOQUENT, senior curator Shabbir Hussain Mustafa describes the period as “a time when the search for origins ended… and the assertion of agency began”. The period in question is 1969 to 1989 when Southeast Asian artists – emerging from decades of colonial rule and empowered by the...

Global Tensions Grip Art

NAVIGATING THE CHOPPY waters of a troubled world, artists are transferring their fears and concerns onto their canvases. This year’s region-wide UOB Painting of the Year competition saw a significant increase in works dealing with socio-political strife. 

Art Explosion

Get ready for the year’s biggest visual arts event. The Singapore Biennale returns on Nov 22 with more than 70 artists and art collectives from around the world.

Gritty Drama

Nessa Anwar is one of best emerging playwrights in Singapore.

BT's charity efforts make significant inroads

A STUDY by research firm Kantar found that The Business Times Budding Artists Fund (BTBAF) has had a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged children.

Culture Critique

The Question Of Home

DO YOU NEED actors to tell a story? Could you, the audience member, create drama for yourself? In the upcoming M1 Fringe Festival, several artworks invite the audience to participate in the story. One work titled Secretive Thing 215, for instance, puts you on a one-person journey on the streets...

Love and loss in Modern Love

The New York Times’ long-running column on relationships? Do you read it? Do you ignore it?

Weinstein The Monster

AT THE HEIGHT of his fame in 2000, Harvey Weinstein bragged to a reporter that he was the “sheriff of this town” and he could do whatever he wanted. Well, he used more words than that. But most of them are too vulgar to be printed here.

Foodie Folklore

Many of us have personal stories to tell that are related to food. So perhaps it's not surprising that HBO's latest offering is an anthology of Asian stories set around food.

Taste Of Opera

Fancy enjoying Chinese opera not just through sight and sound, but with all your five senses?

The Experience Economy Boom

WITH THE TRIPLE rise of smartphones, e-commerce and streaming services, fewer people want to leave their homes for shopping and entertainment – unless what's out there promises a truly engaging and immersive experience that can compete with online diversions. 

Tim Kobe, designer of Apple store & CEO of Eight Inc

ARCHITECT AND DESIGNER Tim Kobe worked with former Apple CEO Steve Jobs to create the original concept for Apple stores. These stores forever changed our understanding of retail experiences with their sleek architecture, minimalist aesthetics and detailed attention to customer experience.

Living ecologically

BETWEEN 2011 AND 2015, Stephanie Dickson worked in the fashion industry –  something she’d dreamt of doing since she was a teenager.

Crazy Rich White People

ABBA ONCE SANG: “Money money money / Must be funny / In the rich man’s world.” But unless you were truly wealthy, you never quite knew how “funny” that world could be – until now. 

Walking Dead

You’ve watched dozens of zombie movies and played the video games too. Now you can put yourself right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse to see how you fare as a human fighting off a legion of flesh-eaters.

Art versus Artist

In the wake of #MeToo controversies involving high-profile artists (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen and others), people have been asking pertinent questions: “Is it okay to enjoy good art made by bad people? Can one separate the art from the artist? Is it fair to say the art was made...

Minister Lawrence Wong waxes lyrical about ChildAid

AT the 17th Citi & Partners Charity Golf gala dinner, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong went on stage to deliver a passionate impromptu speech about his involvement with ChildAid.

Drama of disruption 

AS THE FOUNDING story of Singapore commonly goes, Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in a sleepy island-village in 1819. And the rest is glorious history.  

Writing a new chapter 

WHEN THE OUTGOING festival director of the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) introduced his successor to the media last year, he described her as “woke” – a contemporary term suggesting a cultural awareness of issues such as racism, sexism, ageism, classism and homophobia.

Beautiful Hunchback

Raimund Hoghe is one of the world's most famous dance dramaturgs, having worked with legendary choreographer Pina Bausch to conceive her iconic pieces.

Russian Classic

Staged by the acclaimed Mandarin theatre company Nine Years Theatre, Dear Elena is based on a well-known Russian play that pits good and evil in a classroom dynamic.