Russian Classic

Staged by the acclaimed Mandarin theatre company Nine Years Theatre, Dear Elena is based on a well-known Russian play that pits good and evil in a classroom dynamic.

Peggy Chan, activist & restaurateur of Nectar Hong Kong

LONG BEFORE ECO-CONSCIOUS plant-based cuisine became popular among ethical diners, chef Peggy Chan was already advocating vegetarianism and veganism in Hong Kong.

Starter Kit For Startups

MONOCLE - THAT LIFESTYLE magazine for chic jetsetters - has just added a new title to its print portfolio focusing on startups and entrepreneurs. Titled The Entrepreneurs, it's inspired by Monocle's popular podcast of the same name that's been running since 2011, and aims to provide new...

A Sense Of Raw Humanity

IN WET SEASON, you never see its lead character Ling cry. When the world gets too much and the dams are about to burst, the camera finds every excuse to obscure her tears. It might film her through the rear view mirror of her car, so we see only the lower part of her face. It might shift its...

Local Legend

Lim Boon Keng (1868 - 1957) was one of the greatest Singaporeans who ever lived.

Dance Royalty

Some of the biggest names in dance are set to thrill at the Esplanade's da:ns festival.

History Test

Provocations abound in Merdeka, a new play examining our colonial legacy written by Alfian Sa'at and Neo Hai Bin, and directed by Glen Goei and Jo Kukathas.

Joy Water

IN A CITY of the future, catastrophic water shortages have forced the city’s inhabitants to cut back on their water consumption habits – which includes the privilege of having their own toilets at home. They instead have to pay to use the public toilets controlled by...

Pulitzer Movie

The film adaptation of Donna Tartt's Pulitzer-winning novel The Goldfinch was ravaged by critics as "dull", earning just 25 out of 100 on

Beethoven Heaven

Head to the Botanic Gardens for a celebration of German-Singaporean cultural and diplomatic ties.

Elaine Bedell, CEO, Southbank Centre, London

What makes a hit TV show such as Top Gear, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent? How does a show transcend the small screen to become part of the cultural conversation?

Soulful Seattle

IT'S NOT HARD to fall hard for Seattle. It's a city designed for urban travellers looking for all the attractions a great city has to offer — but at a pace two notches lower than New York, Paris or London.

Inside the mind of Anna Wintour

MANY PEOPLE ARE a little scared of Anna Wintour. True to her name, the editor-in-chief of Vogue US comes across as both chic and icy.

Stranger than fiction

Caught is one of the smartest, strangest plays you may ever see

Luxury cruises cater to Asian tastes

UniWorld’s “floating boutique hotels” have become more popular among the region’s travellers

Ur-ine For A Treat

Guitar Hero

Nine years ago, Kevin Loh was talentscouted by The Yehudi Menuhin School via his YouTube Channel when he was 12.