Setting The Party Table

FINGER FOOD. NOTHING too soupy maybe, in case people get too excited. If you can be bothered, how about colour coding your dishes? Think white rice or blue-pea coloured rice and bright red curries.


Party for Your Party

IT'S POLLING DAY. Battle lines have been drawn and political parties formed. No, we're not talking about the hustings, but parties of a different kind – the ones where food and a certain amount of alcohol are involved.


DIY meals that still hit the spot

AS the pendulum continues to swing between dining in and dining out, there's one thing still in the favour of the stay-home crowd: restaurants are finally getting better at delivering a dining experience that closely replicates what they would serve on their own turf.

The Soul of Heritage Food

WHAT IS Nasi Liwet? Or pempek? Ju hu char? Mallung or Wambatu Moju?


A slice of Americana

ONE man's meat is another man's poison. That's why there are food noobs who think it makes good TV to gag over the likes of century eggs, the eyeballs of fish head curry, cod sperm (shirako) or live baby Korean octopus. Granted, a near choking incident with the latter means they get a wide berth...

Open Tables

COVID-19 delayed Carlos Couto’s plans to open his little Portuguese enclave in the heart of Dempsey village, but since June 19, the veteran architect turned wine importerrestaurateur has been happily serving customers amidst a shortage of staff.

F&B: The new dining experience

WHEN YOU ARRIVE for dinner at the three Michlin-starred Les Amis, a thermal imaging scanner takes your temperature, while the masked staff check you in at your table. As each elaborately plated dish is laid before you, your (still masked) server stands a discreet distance away as he or she...


Heritage comfort at home

THE floodgates may be open but it doesn't mean that you have to go with the flow. So say those of our ilk - the ones with "Stuck Home" syndrome who can't look at the human floods streaming through public spaces without images of "second wave" hacking through our heads.

Survival Strategies

THE PAST FEW months of the coronavirus pandemic have sent both big and small businesses into a tailspin, with many closing down even as others scramble to stay one step ahead of the economic Grim Reaper.


Last-chance takeaway treats

IF THE sudden green light for dining in caught many restaurants flat-footed on Monday, maybe no one was more stunned than the Covid-generated hermit enjoying the reclusive good life with finger permanently poised above a sea of delivery menus from some of the best eateries in town.

Sweet Starts

Earlier this year, Maira Yeo was in Oslo, preparing to take up a job as pastry chef at the two Michelin-starred Norwegian restaurant Maaemo, when the global pandemic scuppered her career plans.

Viral Food

THIS IS HOW it works. You ‘camp’ out at a particular website just before the critical time. The more savvy ones have reinforcements in the form of cousins, assorted relatives or friends, fingers at the ready.


Dynamic Italian duo

BEPPE De Vito looks nothing like an Italian grandmother. But at the rate he seems determined to feed us all with comfort and haute fare from his motherland, you wonder why he doesn't just shave and put on a frock to look the part.


Covid-19 claims first Singapore Michelin-starred victim

THE Covid-19 pandemic has claimed its first Michelin-starred victim, with Vianney Massot Restaurant set to close permanently by the end of this month.


Hawker fare blossoms at Miss Vanda

SO I just ate at a new restaurant. It was weird. The dining room looked like mine. The presentation was terrible. Because I had to plate the food myself. There was no ambience to speak of. No service either, unless you count the delivery guy who blabbers that he had hit six red lights and taken...

Dining Goes Virtual

What's the difference between a virtual restaurant and one that's simply pivoted to offer delivery options?

First Michelin-starred restaurant to close due to Covid-19

THE Covid-19 pandemic has claimed its first Michelin-starred victim, with Vianney Massot Restaurant set to close permanently by the end of this month.

Where's The Beef?

FOR THE HAMBURGER lover teetering between the joy of a juicy meat patty and a niggling guilt over greenhouse gases and slaughtered cows, the Impossible burger seems like the best of both worlds. It allows you to enjoy that beefy mouth feel, succulence of marbled fat and burst of blood-mixed...


Crustacean cravings

WE are suckers for Facebook Live auctions. We're bewitched by online fishmongers who convince us that our chosen seafood will disembark at Jurong Port and hop, skip and jump into our house bursting with fresh-off-the-boat vitality. Never mind that the reality involves you doing an autopsy on a...

Parisian Chic

CAN'T TRAVEL? CAN shop. Rekindle memories of your last French holiday, lingering on Paris' oldest bridge Pont Neuf, which also happens to sit opposite Louis Vuitton's headquarters. The label's newest iconic LV Pont 9 shoulder bag drops on May 29, so you can be the first in line to nab Nicholas...

Dining Well in a Pandemic

YOU COULD SAY the writing - or make that icing - was on the wall. The last-minute run for bubble tea. That inexplicable urge to bake. The many ways you can make Dalgona coffee. 

Art of the Table

EATING YOUR GREENS takes on new meaning at Hermès, which has just launched a new tableware collection that looks as if a tropical forest just took root on your dining table.


Promising new kids on the block

THE restaurant's name is LUMO, but any light it hoped to shine on the local F&B scene was quickly snuffed out when Circuit Breaker measures forced it to close from April 7.

Outlook For Luxury: Delivering A New Dining Experience

NEVER HAS AN industry been so vividly transformed as F&B, with the very basic human concept of sharing a meal with friends and loved ones shattered by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Gourmet dining the DIY way

CHEFS are chefs. Diners are diners. That has pretty much been the world order, with no overlap between the two. But not any more, as restaurants try to turn diners into chefs with DIY meal kits that are designed to help them achieve professional level-cuisine at home, in as idiot-proof a way as...