Fine Thai on a High

FIERCE PASSION KNOWS no bounds. It makes you throw all caution - and sometimes your son’s college fund - to the wind and plunge into something your heart truly desires. And what Thai chef Supaksorn ‘Ice’ Jongsiri truly desired back in 2018 was to open a restaurant totally committed to the...

Slight confusion at Le Fusion

LÈ FUSION is nothing if not decisive about its food. It says so in the name - fusion. Not like chefs who usually pussyfoot around the dining industry's equivalent of the "F" word. After all, that's why they invented modern European cuisine, which is really just French food with lemongrass in it...

House Specials

WINE SOMMELIERS ARE a given in any fine dining restaurant, but how about an in-house cheese or caviar master, tea expert, pasta maker or a sommelier who matches your entire meal with nonalcoholic beverages?

Interview - Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Pan Pacific Hotels Group

CHOE PENG SUM has been a hotelier for his entire working life, so it’s safe to say that whatever crises the hospitality industry has faced over the past three decades or so, he’s been through them all and come out stronger for it.


More spice needed at The Blue Ginger

TO go or not to go? That is the question we ask ourselves each day in our new Covid-19 reality, as we ponder whether to leave our safe, disinfected homes to enter the chambers of doom, despair and disease that not too long ago were known as shopping malls.

Now serving: a plate of uncertainty

“VALENTINE’S DAY MUST be VirusFree Day,” deadpans one restaurant owner who, like others in the F&B scene, reported a full house for both lunch and dinner on that most important romantic day of the year.

Making her mark

SERENDIPITY IS A word that holds sway in the life of Japanese chef Akane Eno. It describes the path that led the Tokyo-born lady chef to Singapore four years ago and now, to opening her very own restaurant serving her personal style of kappo kaiseki cuisine.


A good start for Ichigo Ichie

THERE are several reasons to eat Japanese food in Singapore: (1) you can ask for salmon sushi and not get thrown out of a sushi joint - you might even get some if the chef is more Edomae-pliable outside his home turf

Working Relationships

Aesthetic doctors Kevin and Iroshini Chua first met some 25 years ago, and have been together ever since, and they would not have it any other way. A mutual friend had introduced them, when the Chuas were both studying at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Interview - James and Tamara Lohan

JAMES AND TAMARA Lohan started out as serial travellers who launched an offbeat guide to hotels that met their stringent criteria of bed sheet thread count, bath tubs big enough for two and the ability to make a romantic weekend getaway more imaginative than a butler-drawn bath filled with rose...


Unpretentious fare hits the spot at Torasho

IF RAMEN bars were employees, Torasho would stand out as the ambitious over-achiever gunning for the fast track to senior management.

Pasta Pals

Two Singapore chefs team up to show they can compete with any Italian nonna when it comes to cooking pasta. For just two nights on Feb 18 and 19, Bar Cicheti’s chef co-owner Lim Yew Aun and Lee Yum Hwa of the cult favourite Italian private dining space Ben Fatto will take over the former’s...

Cultural confusion leads Nomads down the wrong path

LET me tell you a story: a rich tale of faraway lands and ancient civilisations; where silk and spice were the currencies of the day, and romantic images of exotic princesses, colourful bazaars and camels basking in the sunset come to mind. Now, I don't have all the details because I've never...

On the Comeback Trail

LIKE OTHER SINGAPOREAN chefs trying to create their own identity, Ace Tan learned the hard way that being original is no guarantee of success. Despite much of the hype surrounding his first venture Restaurant Ards in 2017, the fine dining progressive Asian restaurant shut down within its first...

Pushing Culinary Boundaries

IVAN BREHM WOKE up one morning a little more than a year ago with a voice in his head that came out of nowhere: "The upstairs unit is going to be vacant. You should talk to your landlady."

Michelin Mussels

Emmanuel Stroobant of the two Michelin-starred Saint Pierre restaurant returns to his Belgian roots with his newest restaurant opening KOB, or the Kingdom of Belgians.

Sun, Sea and Spice in Koh Samui

“LOOK AT THE view. Is it not something you wish to stay with for a long time?”

Interview: David Thompson, chef-restaurateur

A CONVERSATION WITH David Thompson never ends well. Not for him, but for anyone who falls prey to the raconteur who can skewer the vocabularychallenged with the simple lifting of an eyebrow and a verbal volley of witticisms that flow as freely as booze during happy hour. 

Spice and all things nice at Mott 32

YOU know how some women - after a breakup or period of pre-wedding beautification - like to get a transformative haircut? Or someone in a witness protection programme who gets plastic surgery and a brand new identity but (in some movies) is forced to turn from meek store owner into original butt...

Spring Dance

Soak in the Chinese New Year spirit at Gardens by the Bay, which has planned a ‘Spring Surprise’ of free performances for visitors to enjoy.

Bombay Dining

Straits Clan continues with its kitchen takeover series to celebrate Asian cuisine with Bombay Canteen - a restaurant which has been hailed for its work in championing the food movement in India and its modern take on long-forgotten old Indian recipes.


Black Marble offers some suburban shine

FOR a suburban shopping centre, we don't know what gauge Raffles Holland V Mall uses to come up with its parking rates. The per-square-foot price of the homes around it, maybe?

Joey Yap, Chinese Metaphysics Consultant & Academy Founder

WHEN JOEY YAP speaks, everyone listens. He commands an audience of thousands at his popular seminars and workshops, and when he's hired for a consultation, you can be sure his clients are all ears.

Hong Bao Bao

Don't leave home this Chinese New Year without your Mandarin oranges.

Baker Boy

Tiong Bahru Bakery adds a new menu and an extension to its name with the rebranding of its two outlets in Raffles City and Funan as Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner.